Устойчивые сочетания с Take. Упражнения

В английском языке много устойчивых сочетаний, которые надо учить наизусть. В отдельную тему вынесены — Устойчивые сочетания с предлогами. А в этом уроке я рассмотрю устойчивые сочетания с глаголом TAKE. Именно устойчивые сочетания, про фразовый глагол take читайте в уроке —Английские фразовые глаголы Look, Make, Give, Take

Устойчивые сочетания с глаголом Take. Список для подготовки к экзамену

  1. It takes… — Tребуется
  2. take place in — происходить (иметь место)
  3. take part in — принимать участие
  4. take care of — заботиться о
  5. take pictures — фотографировать
  6. take an exam — сдавать экзамен (но pass an exam — сдать экзамен)
  7. take one’s time — не торопиться
  8. take turns — чередоваться
  9. take into account — принимать во внимание
  10. take something for granted — принимать что-то, как должное
  11. take chance (advantage) of — воспользоваться шансом (преимуществом)
  12. take charge of — осуществлять контроль
  13. take pains — прилагать усилия, стараться
  14. take a risk — рисковать (ПРИМЕР. Investing money in the stock market is never safe – you’re taking a risk.)

* * *

Устойчивые сочетания с глаголом Take. Упражнения

Начнем с повторения. Выполните простое упражнение на перевод следующих словосочетаний: It takes, take place, take part, take pictures, take care of, take an exam, take a road, take a chance, take a bus.

Упражнение 1. Переведите на английский.

  1. Our class always takes good care of the flowers and plants in the school.
  2. It takes five hours to go by train from London to Manchester.
  3. When are you going to take your examination in chemistry?
  4. Did you take part in the figure-skating competition last winter?
  5. We took pictures of the camp-fire and all the guests who came to visit us.
  6. The invention of the telegraph and telephone took place in the 19th century.
  7. How long does it take to go from the center to the nearest cinema?
  8.  We had to take a bus to go from the village where we lived to the sea coast.
  9. He had to get home as fast as possible, so he didn’t take a train; he took a plane.
  10. We took the long road by mistake.
  11. There was something wrong with his foot, he couldn’t take part in the competition.
  12. It seemed strange that though she was a big girl, her grandmother still took care of her.
  13. It took me almost three hours to do my homework yesterday.
  14. The girl worried about who would take care of her flowers while she was out at the camp.
  15. Several boys in our class took part in skating competition.
  16. We are going to take eight examinations this year. The first examination will take place on the 1st of June.
  17. I took the wrong road and didn’t get to camp until after dark.
  18. You must take your chance.

* * *

Упражнение 2. Сопоставьте.

take place, take care of,  take turns, take one’s time, take part, take into account, take something for granted, take advantage of, take charge of, take pains (10)

A) participate
B) give attention
C) assume responsibility for
D) work carefully
E) alternate
F) use an opportunity
G) accept as true without investigation
H) avoid hurrying
I) happen, occur
J) take into consideration

Упражнение 3. Замените сочетания, выделенные жирным шрифтом на устойчивые выражения с Take. 

  1. Don’t hurry.
  2. It happened when I was in England.
  3. All students have participated in the competition.
  4. Please, take this information into considerstion.
  5. Alice didn’t use her opportunity to speak English while living abroad.
  6. My father assumed all responsibility for this work.
  7. I am sure he will work carefully and finish the project on time.
  8. They alternated to look after the ill boy.
  9. He usually accepts everything as true without investigation.
  10. Take his words into account. He seems trustworthy.


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2 thoughts on “Устойчивые сочетания с Take. Упражнения
  1. Анна says:

    take a risk — Investing money in the stock market is never safe – you’re taking a risk
    take after — Do you think you take after your mother or your father in character?

    • Татьяна Н. says:

      Здравствуйте, Анна!
      Добавила take a risk. Что касается take after, то это фразовый глагол и информацию про него вы найдете в этой статье.

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