Nature and Seasons. Part One. Autumn (texts for intermediate)

Every season is good in its own way. But we start with autumn as it is the most beautiful season in a year. In autumn the weather starts to change for cold. It gets rainy and the air is moist. The days become shorter and the nights become longer. In late autumn the frost covers the ground at night. Nature fades away and nothing can be done about it.

texts about autumn

Read on texts about autumn months and activate your vocabulary on the topic «Nature». The poems will help you to feel the beauty of the season.

Texts on the topic «Ecologу. Ecological Problems»

Тексты по теме «Экология & Экологические проблемы» для активизации лексики при подготовке к экзамену. Тексты даются в порядке по возрастанию сложности. Предварительно рекомендуется повторить английские слова по теме «Ecology. Ecological Problems».


  1. Text №1 «Help wild animals»
  2. Text №2 «Climatic changes»
  3. Text №3 «Environmental problems» (for pre-intermediate)
  4. Text №4 «Green peace»
  5. Text №5 «Green fuel»
  6. Text №6 «Ecological problems»
  7. Text №7  «Protection of the environment in Russia»
  8. Text №8 «Environmental problems» (for upper-intermediate)
  9. Summary (Выводы)
  10. Questions