Nature and Seasons. Part One. Autumn (texts for intermediate)

Every season is good in its own way. But we start with autumn as it is the most beautiful season in a year. In autumn the weather starts to change for cold. It gets rainy and the air is moist. The days become shorter and the nights become longer. In late autumn the frost covers the ground at night. Nature fades away and nothing can be done about it.

texts about autumn

Read on texts about autumn months and activate your vocabulary on the topic «Nature». The poems will help you to feel the beauty of the season.

Texts about Autumn Months


The name September comes from the old Roman word “Septem”, which means seven, because in the Roman calendar it was the seventh month.
On September 23, day and night are of equal length.
  • to harvest — собирать урожай
  • rays — лучи
  • strength — сила
  • spell — период
  • flocks — стаи
  • swift — стриж

SEPTEMBER is the month when birds migrate, when the leaves begin to turn yellow and red, when apples ripen, and nights are cool. It is the time of harvesting tasty fruit and vegetables.

It rains more often. The sky is often cloudy. The sun hides behind the clouds and then appears again. Its rays have already lost their strength, and the sun is not so bright as it was in summer. You can still see some flowers around. Towards the middle of September, the leaves begin to change their colours and a carpet of multicolored leaves lies on the ground.

In late September there is a spell of sunny weather, which we call Indian summer, when the sky is cloudless and the beautiful golden leaves make the nature very attractive.

In September, you can see more birds than in August. They gather in flocks and get ready for their flight to the South. Most land birds fly at night. They eat and rest during day. Swifts, geese, and some ducks fly in the daytime. Many animals prepare for the winter coming.

* * *


In the old Roman calendar October was the eighth month of the year and got its name from the word “Octo” meaning eight.
  • poisonous — ядовитый
  • beware — берегись

OCTOBER is the month of bright colours, last flowers, falling leaves, and first frosts.

The great event of the month is the change of the nature’s colours. It is hard to say which tree puts on the most beautiful autumn dress.

The flight of the birds to the South continues. Many animals prepare food for the winter. The red squirrel, for example, gathers not only nuts and berries but mushrooms as well. He knows which are poisonous and which are not, and the right time to pick them up.

Beliefs and sayings about October: When berries are many in October beware a hard winter.

* * *


November was the ninth month of the year in the old Roman calendar and got its name from the word “Novem”, which means nine.
  • sign — знак, признак
  • oak — дуб
  • racoon — енот
  • den — берлога

November is the month of bare trees, of the first signs of winter, and of the first snow.

The trees have lost almost all their leaves. Only the oaks, which are the last to get their leaves and the last to lose them, still have brown leaves on. As trees have no leaves on, you can discover nests which were hidden during the summer.

The weather begins to get cold, and more and more animals go to sleep. The raccoon stays at home and sleeps most of the time. The black bears stay near their dens until it is very cold. Then they go in for their long winter sleep.

* * *

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