Задания на словообразование в формате ЕГЭ

Данные задания на  слоовообразование в английском языке составлены по материалам пособия «Сборник тестов для подготовки к ЕГЭ по английскому языку» (М. Вербицкая, Малколм Манн и др.) и входят в цикл «Английский язык. Подготовка к ЕГЭ. СЛОВООБРАЗОВАНИЕ». Задания на словообразование рекомендуется выполнять после изучения теоретического материала, ссылки на который даны перед упражнениями.

Словообразование. Задания в формате ЕГЭ


  1. Задания на суффиксы существительного
  2. Задания на суффиксы и префиксы прилагательного
  3. Задания на суффиксы и префиксы глагола

* * *

Суффиксы существительного

Задание 1. Измените слова так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию предложения.


Слово «лексически» означает, что к слову нужно добавить суффикс или префикс.

Слово «грамматически» означает, что к преобразованному слову, возможно, нужно добавить окончание.

ПРИМЕР. Animal __________ will enjoy the performance. love

Animal lovers will enjoy the performance. — Любители животных получат удовольствие от представления.

Здесь требуется поставить существительное — lover во мн. число, исходя из контекста.

  1. This __________ is passed through the generations. able
  2. Stress is the ___________ with which syllables are pronounced. strong
  3. His ______________led him to discovering a lot of information. curious
  4. This book contains _________of the centuries. wise
  5. This film takes me back to my ____________. child
  6. The ___________of this corridor was surprising. long
  7. It will be disastrous for the ___________. human
  8. I appreciate our ___________. friend
  9. I will die of ____________if I live that long. bored
  10. The __________of her feelings was unexpected for me.  warm
  11. The____________is given to particularly bright students. scholar
  12. He was famous for his ___________ . serious
  13. The ___________of this song is incredible. popular
  14. We were surprised at the _________in her speech. differ
  15. It is easy to learn how to do this _________. active
  16. The airplane started to lose __________. high

Задание 2. Form nouns from the words in bold. 

  1. The Hercules was famous for his _________ . strong
  2. The ____________of the swimming pool was about 5 meters. wide
  3. I was surprised by the ______________ of the tablecloth. white
  4. The _________of the Tower and the __________ of the walls made it a perfect prison. high, thick
  5. The ___________was delayed by fog for an hour. fly
  6. Giving alive ___________is quite different from performing on a film. perform
  7. Our ___________to predict the weather depends on the information we have. able
  8. Another major ____________is the shape of the ball. different
  9. The __________of the baseball is very great in America. popular
  10. Much of his ________ Chekhov lived in severe poverty. child
  11. The ______of London since then has been incredible. grow
  12. We moved to our new ______________last spring. resident
  13. Many encyclopedias state with __________that the Nile is the longest river in the world. confident
  14. Her acting is closer to __________. real
  15. The story of the dodo`s ___________is one example of man`s effect on the environment. disappear
  16. He had ____________in finding a job. difficult
  17. Each _____________is worth considering. possible

Задание 3. Form nouns from the words in bold. 

  1. The ______________ of this building took 20 years from start to finish. construct
  2. Famous __________were held in the Tower. prison
  3. Many _____________come to London each year. visit
  4. Before the ____________of the hot air balloon, no human had ever successfully flown into the air. invent
  5. The first successful __________was in 1783. fly
  6. The ___________of the balloon depends on the wind. direct
  7. The _____________and response of the audience can affect how the actor feels and performs. behave
  8. They want to have the opportunity to do some real _____. act
  9. London is an ideal place nightlife ____________. entertain
  10. Special _____________is used to collect weather data. equip
  11. He never seemed to be interested in ____________. educate
  12. An _______________called Clarence went on an expedition to Canada with his family. explore
  13. He is famous for his finding the __________to the problem. solve
  14. His success was an remarkable_______.  achieve
  15. The ____________of its place is unknown. locate
  16. What is your ______________of the performance? impress

Задание 4. Form nouns from the words in bold. 

  1. ________will find these products on sale in the supermarkets. shop
  2. In New York he became a ____________at drama school. study
  3. The ship left for New York with a crew of seven professional _________. sail
  4. To the crew’s__________ they discovered that nobody was on the island. astonish
  5. Each flag has its additional _____________. mean
  6. Another ___________started at once. argue
  7. Brighton is an ideal place for____________ . relax
  8. There are eleven ___________in each team in cricket. play
  9. They tried to persuade the ______________to introduce new laws. govern
  10. The road __________must be improved. safe
  11. Finding a good job is uneasy without proper ____________. qualify
  12. Many people consider the ____________of moving away. possible
  13. It is necessary to fill the _______________form. apply
  14. The rate of _________________is very high. employ
  15. You have a great _____________. imagine
  16. To our great ___________, it started to rain. disappoint
  17. The better your education is, the less_____________you will have in finding a job. difficult

Суффиксы и префиксы прилагательного

Задание 5. Form adjectives from the words in bold. 

  1. Huge ___________dinosaurs used to walk on the Earth. power
  2. There are a lot of ______________courses to improve your skills. train
  3. This private boat carried a cargo of _______________products. commerce
  4. The dodo lived on an island where he had no ___________enemies. nature
  5. There are hundreds of ______________hotels in sunny Brighton. comfort
  6. Enjoy delicious dishes in ____________ restaurants. fashion
  7. Taking part in this attraction can be a bit ______. risk
  8. The story describes the ______________action of people. hero
  9. _________plays are staged on Broadway. vary
  10. The road was in ________________condition. excellence
  11. The _____________method is always in great use. help
  12. My father doesn’t buy _____________newspapers. expense
  13. Who is _______________for making changes in our society? response
  14. The Russians are considered to be very _____________. hospitality
  15. The ______________equipment needs to be checked. electricity
  16. I was impressed by French ______________cuisine. delicacy
  17. She is not self- ________________. confidence
  18. The job will give him more _______________freedom. artist
  19. Paul’s Cathedral is an _________________building. impress
  20. In the old days the only ___________means of transport was the horse. person
  21. The trip was very ______________. benefit
  22. Is your answer _______________ from mine? differ

Задание 6. Form adjectives from the words in bold.  Mind the prefix UN-

  1. Two _____________brothers Montgolfier were responsible for designing the first air balloon. France
  2. The design of the balloon was based on ____________________law. science
  3. Some ________________flyers have had an accident. fortunate
  4. The first ________________flight was in 1783. success
  5. You can go on a _______________ride on a horse back. enjoy
  6. He had an ____________________idea. imagine
  7. More ______________visitors can try «The Vampire Ride». adventure
  8. Riding fast high above the park can be a ______________experience . scare
  9. Nature is so ___________________that’s why we cannot forecast more than for a few days. predict
  10. _______ people or things existed in the past are considered to be a part of history. history
  11. ____________baseball began in the USA in 1865. profession
  12. In the USA baseball is considered as a __________sport. nation
  13. It will be an ________________experience for me. forget
  14. He started his own business and became ________________. wealth
  15. The bridge was very ________________. use
  16. It has become the place of _______________importance. globe
  17. At first sight it seems _________________. believe
  18. The situation is becoming more __________________. understand
  19. She is a very _________________woman. effect
  20. Everyone fell _____________in the room. silence
  21. It was the most _________________journey I have ever had. please
  22. It is ___________to drive without seatbelt. legal

 Задания в формате ЕГЭ. Суффиксы и префиксы глагола

Задание 7. Form verbs from the words in bold.

  1. He _______________ and lay on the bed. dress
  2. He could enter the house because the door was ___________. lock
  3. The usual practice at the History lesson is to ___________texts. tell
  4. The exercise must be ________________. write
  5. Teachers sometimes _____________students. understand
  6. When the child ______________ she was unable to cope with him. behave
  7. The parents ____________  the child to go out late at night. allow
  8. When the days begin to ____________then the cold begins to _____________. long/ strong
  9. They’re trying to _____________our name. black
  10. The snow ____________the mountain tops. white
  11. He was ____________by his family to learn music at a young age. courage
  12. The town is ______________by fortified walls. circle
  13. The route was built to ______________trucks to get around a waterfall. able
  14. No argument can __________a war. just
  15. If you ____________ a substance, you make it pure by removing any dirty substances from it. pure
  16. You have ______________him as an ambitious person. character
  17. His mother rarely___________ him or any of her children. critic
  18. I’m sure Rose will _____________many of us. live

Задание 8. Form verbs from the words in bold.

  1. The symptoms of her illness have____________. appear
  2. The student__________the teacher and did the wrong exercise. hear
  3. Last week the government ______________ the citizens about the political situation in the country. inform
  4. His own mind was ___________and ______________by foreign travel. large/rich
  5. Martin ___________all the people in the area. He died at the age of 101. live
  6. The elderly are usually _______________with the young. satisfy
  7. Nowadays the risk of serious illness has________. less
  8. Do you mean to____________ me? threat
  9. Unfortunately, the cooperation between two countries was _______________. organize
  10. The line was ___________, though not dead. connect
  11. I am very ________________ with you. appoint
  12. The students _______________ the teacher. obey
  13. What does the emblem _______________? symbol
  14. If someone_________a word, they spell it wrongly. spell
  15. Don’t let this ______________ you. courage
  16. He recognized her voice and his face ____________.  soft
  17. The men tried to __________ each other in their generosity. do


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