My Best Friend. Английские слова по теме «Mой лучший друг». Список №1

Если вы уже умеете описывать внешность друга (подруги) и можете рассказать о его (ее) характере, давайте поговорим о том, что делает вас друзьями. В этом вам помогут английские слова по теме «My Best Friend» (список №1 для начинающих), текст на английском языке про друга и несколько вопросов на тему «Friends».

My Friends. Английские слова по теме «Мои друзья» Список №1

  1. make friends — подружиться
  2. friends forever — друзья навсегда
  3. see each other — видеть друг друга
  4. miss each other — скучать друг без друга
  5. meet each other — встречаться друг с другом
  6. enjoy doing …. together — делать что-то вместе с удовольствием
  7. have much in common — иметь много общего
  8. share ideas — делиться идеями
  9. phone each other — звонить друг другу
  10. help in trouble (in need) — помогать в беде

My Best Friend (text in English)

  • friendship — дружба

My best friend is my classmate. His name is Dima. He is a tall boy with short dark hair. He has blue eyes and wears glasses. He is brave and strong. Dima is a very optimistic person. He is never sad. He knows a lot of jokes and often makes me laugh.

We made friends in the first form and since then we have a deep friendship.

We often go for a walk together and talk about different things. Dima is my close friend and I can tell him about my problems. He also shares his ideas with me. I can’t say that we have much in common but we have the same hobby. We like playing chess.

We always help each other in need. I think we will be friends forever.

My Best Friend. Задания по активизации лексики

Задание 1. Tell us about your friend. Remember to say:

  • what he/she looks like;
  • what kind of person he or she is;
  • when and how you made friends;
  • what friends are for.

Задание 2. Answer the questions to find out if you are a good friend

  • find out — узнать
  • let — разрешать
  • has forgetten — забыл
  • be absent from school — отсутствовать в школе
  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. Do you let your friend copy your homework if he (she) hasn’t done it?
  3. Do you always buy a present for your friend if he (she) has a birthday?
  4. Do you share your lunch with your friend if he (she) has forgotten it?
  5. Do you call your friend if he (she) is absent from school?
  6. Will you help your friend if he (she) gets a bad mark in some subject?
  7. Will you talk to your friend if he (she) calls you when you are watching your favourite TV programme?

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