Местоимения Both, Either, Neither. Упражнения

Выполните упражнения, чтобы закрепить тему «Местоимения  Both, Either, Neither» в английском языке. Упражнения расположены по уровню сложности. К некоторым упражнениям даны ответы для самопроверки.

Местоимения Both, Either, Neither. Упражнения

Упражнение 1. Переведите на русский.

  1. Either of the translations is good, but Kate’s is more beautiful than Helen’s.
  2. Neither of us could live here.
  3. Which of the two books may I take? – You may take either.
  4. I like neither this book nor that.
  5. The guests sat on the either side of a long table.
  6. Either he or I must go there.
  7. I haven’t seen him either.
  8. I can agree with neither person.

* * *

Упражнение 2. Вставьте в предложение местоимения both, either, neither.

  1. There are trees on … bank of the river.
  2. The man held a stick in … hands.
  3. The hedge stretches on … side of the path.
  4. I can hear them …, but I can see …
  5. … of his two daughters could sing.
  6. … of them has the same opinion.
  7. … his legs were broken in the accident.
  8. You may take … of the books, but not … of them.
  9. Her long hair hung on … sides of her face.
  10. What are you going to have, juice or milk? — …, I am not thirsty.
  11. Sam and Tom are … my classmates but … is at school now.
  12. … the bags, the big one and the small one, are empty. You can take … of them. But I am afraid … will do (подойдет).

* * *

Упражнение 3. Вставьте в предложение местоимения both, either, neither. Используйте предлог of, где нужно.

  1. Emily and Ann are … pretty girls.
  2. These are dark rooms. I am afraid … will suit me. (suit – подходить, устраивать)
  3. There are two ways to the city centre. You can go … way.
  4. … these jackets is very good. She can’t choose because she likes … them.
  5. … my parents is English. My father is Spanish and my mother is German.
  6. Which of the two books would you like? – Oh, … will do.
  7. Is today the 14th or the 15th? — …. It is the 16th.
  8. By that time … her brothers had died.
  9. They refused to go rafting, because …. them could swim.
  10. My parents are ….. teachers.

* * *

Упражнение 4. Переведите на английский.

  1. Обе мои сестры – врачи.
  2. Они оба пойдут туда сегодня вечером.
  3. Обе эти машины изготовлены на одном заводе.
  4. Вы оба правы.
  5. Вы оба должны прийти сегодня в 5 часов.
  6. Оба путешественника выглядели усталыми.
  7. Он дал мне две книги; обе были очень интересные.
  8. Мы оба не будем дома сегодня вечером.
  9. Они оба не знали вашего адреса.
  10. Они оба могут помочь вам.

* * *

Упражнение 5. Замените конструкцию both … and на neither … nor.

ОБРАЗЕЦ We need both sugar and sweets. We need neither sugar nor sweets.

  1. We need both fruit and vegetables.
  2. They play both the guitar and the violin.
  3. The group has explored both the land and the ocean.
  4. I will go to both Canada and Australia.
  5. She drinks both water and coffee after lunch.
  6. Yesterday both Jack and Steve ate pancakes.
  7. Ann and Jill are both fond of money.

* * *

 Упражнение 6. Вставьте конструкцию both … and, either … or или neither … nor.

  1. I didn’t like the room. It was _____ (clean/ comfortable).
  2. I didn’t like the film. It was ______(long/ boring).
  3. I couldn’t remember her name. It was ______ (Susan/ Sally).
  4. I couldn’t go on holiday that year. I had ____ (time/ money).
  5. We have tickets for Saturday or Sunday’ concert. Which day do you prefer? — I don’t care. I can go ____ (Saturday/ Sunday).
  6. He is an ideal husband. He _____ (smoke/drink)

* * *

Упражнение 7. Переведите на английский язык, используя конструкцию either … or.

  1. Cделай это сегодня, либо завтра.
  2. Купи или яблоки, или апельсины.
  3. Он будет или адвокатом, или ученым.
  4. Или мои сестры, или мой брат собирается предложить им помощь.
  5. Или мои родные братья или двоюродные продолжат эту работу.

* * *

Местоимение either, наряду с so также употребляется в кратких формах выражения согласия и несогласия.


  • So do I. – И я тоже.
  • Neither do I. – И я тоже (не). = I don’t either.

Упражнение 8.  Выберите правильный вариант so/ neither/ either.

  1. I don’t like coffee, and my husband doesn’t like it …. .
  2. Her parents haven’t got a car, and ….. she has.
  3. My brother likes to read in bed and ….  do I.
  4. I haven’t got a key. — …… has he.
Выполнить упражнения на So do I. / Neither do I (краткая форма согласия/ несогласия в английском языке)

* * *

 Упражнение 9. Выберите правильный вариант too/ also/ either.

Запомните: too – тоже (+), either  — тоже (-), also – также
  1. He is sure he will come on time…..
  2. I don’t know …..
  3. He couldn’t remember the rules…
  4. We are …… very much interested in English.
  5. I’m sorry, I haven’t read the text….
  6. Do you …. like the book? Yes, I, do. I like it.
  7. Will you ….. come back at the end of June?
  8. She said she would like to spend her vacation in the country ….

ОТВЕТЫ для самопроверки:

Keys 1: 1- и тот и другой; 2- мы оба (дословно: ни тот, ни другой из нас); 3-  любую; 4- ни та, ни эта; 5- с той и с другой; 6- или он или я; 7-тоже; 8- ни с одним человеком.

Keys 4: 1- Both (of) my sisters are…; 2- They will both go…/ Both of them will…; 3- Both (of) these machines are made at out plant …; 4- You are both right./ Both of you are; 5- You must both come…/ Both of you must…; 6- Both (of the) travellers look….; 87-they are both interesting/ both of them are…8- Neither of us will be….; 9- Neither of them knew….; 10- They can both help…./ Both of them can ….

Keys 9: 1- too, 2- either, 3- either, 4-also, 5- either, 6- also, 7- also, 8- too



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