Problems of Young People. Слова и аргументы по теме

There are many problems that young people have to face when they stop being children. At this age all feelings and emotions are very strong and all the problems seem very important.

The most common problems of young people are:

  1. the problem of misunderstanding (in a family)
  2. problems with friends (girlfriends, boyfriends)
  3. the problem of communication СКОРО
  4. the problem of choosing the future profession
  5. the problem of pocket money СКОРО

Список английских слов по теме «Problems with Parents, Teachers or Friends» для подготовки к ОГЭ и ЕГЭ

  1. a rule — правило
  2. strict — строгий
  3. necessary — необходимый
  4. to need in — нуждаться в
  5. be responsible for — отвечать за что-то
  6. private life — личная жизнь
  7. own business — личное дело
  8. attitude to — отношение к
  9. to interfere — вмешиваться
  10. a permission — разрешение
  11. I am allowed (to allow) — Мне разрешают
  12. to influence — влиять
  13. to cope with problems (= overcome problems)– справляться с проблемами (преодолевать)
  14. to quarrel with  — ссориться с
  15. to argue — спорить с
  16. to contradict — возражать
  17. to answer back — огрызаться
  18. to agree/ disagree with — (не) соглашаться с
  19. to be on good terms with (= get on well with) — быть в хороших отношениях
  20. reason / cause — причина
  21. misunderstanding — непонимание
  22. to follow my parents’ advice — следовать совету родителей
  23. to consult my parents/ friends — советоваться с родителями
  24. to insist on – настаивать на
  25. to face the same problem — сталкиваться с той же проблемой
  26. to treat as a child — обращаться как с ребенком
  27. to respect — уважать
  28. have much in common — иметь много общего
  29. to trust — доверять
  30. to betray — предавать
  31. to envy — завидовать

Remember that the cause of misunderstanding is generation gap. Generation gap is  difference in years. 
Уроки английского языка для начинающих Present Simple Tense

Упражнение 1. Activate your vocabulary on the topic «Problems with Parents and Friends»

Do you agree that

  • there is always some sense in parents words;
  • the best way to solve problems is to talk peacefully;
  • that the best tactics is not to contradict the parents;
  • if you are keen on computer games you have lost interest in a real life.

Express your opinion. Give good reasons or examples from your life.

Упражнение 2. Questions on the topic «Problems with Parents and Friends»

  1. What are the most common problems of young people?
  2. Do you share the opinion that problems can make people stronger?
  3. How do you choose your friends? What makes people friends?
  4. Do you spend much time with your friends? How do you spend your time together?
  5. Do you have much in common with your friends?
  6. What do you usually talk about?
  7. What jobs, books, outfit, hobbies are popular among the teenagers?
  8. What is better: to have one close friend or a lot of friends? Why?
  9. Do you know about his (her) problems?
  10. Do you get on with your classmates?
  11. Is it possible to solve your problems by yourself?
  12. Do your parents help you to solve your problems?
  13. Can you help your friends to solve their problems?
  14.  What is the best way to solve the problems?
  15. Do you think youth organisations can help? 

Statements on the topic «Problems with Parents, Teachers or Friends»

  Вы можете использовать эти утверждения в качестве аргументов в ответах на вопросы (ОГЭ, задание 2), в монологах (ОГЭ, задание 3), личном письме (9, 11 класс) или эссе (ЕГЭ, письменная часть). 

1. Some statements on the problem of misunderstanding that you may be of some help :

  • Young people have as many problems as grown-ups.
  • The main problem is the problem of misunderstanding.
  • My parents don’t understand why I buy certain things, listen to certain music or spend most of my free time with friends.
  • Adults always complain that the young are not always what they were.
  • Teenagers don’t believe that adults are right only because they are older.
  • Adults usually  teach the young how to live.
  • Teenagers want to overcome their own difficulties, make their own mistakes.
  • The same misunderstanding we face sometimes from the side of the teachers.
  • Youth isn’t given only for studying.

2. Some statements on the problem of friends that you may be of some help :

  • It is a problem to choose good friends.
  • There can be only two or three real friends.
  • Real friends will never betray each other.
  • It happens that friends cannot always stay friends.

Problems of young people

Remember that there are synonyms for the word:
teenagers = young people = the young = the youngsters
parents = adults = grown-ups

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