Jobs and Professions. Тексты для изучающих английский язык (intermediate)

Прежде чем читать тексты, вспомните слова: respectable, just, honest, creative, successful, responsible.

Jobs and Professions. Тексты для изучающих английский язык по теме «Работа. Выбор профессии»


  1. Text №1 «What profession to choose»
  2. Text №2 «How to choose the profession»

Text №1 «What Profession to Choose»

Words to the text:

  1. special – особый
  2. deal with – иметь дело с
  3. pre­cious – драгоценный
  4. noble – благородный
  5. educated – образованный
  6. are available – доступны
  7. enter an institute – поступить в институт
  8. strong will – сильная воля
  9. strength of will – сила воли
  10. come true – сбыться

Choosing a profession is very difficult. Your choice should depend on your character, intellect, abilities and talent.

Do you think someone can be a good teacher if he/she doesn’t love children?

Do you think someone can be a good vet if he/ she doesn’t like ani­mals?

Can a musician or singer make a success if they don’t have a good ear for music? Can an actor or dancer become famous if they have no special talent?

You can never be a respectable judge if you are not just and honest.

Only those who are brave, can become sailors.

Only people who have creative minds can be successful business­men.

The profession of a doctor requires special education and long training. A doctor must be very responsible because they deal with the most pre­cious thing that people have — their health.

There are a lot of interesting and noble professions, and many roads are opened before you. But remember most pro­fessions are available only to educated people. So if you want to be a professional you have to enter an institute or university. It is difficult and you have to study hard. It is not easy, because only those who have a strong will, can study hard.  Try to build your character, develop the strength of will and your dreams will come true.

Questions to the text:

1) Have you already decided what you want to be?
2) What did you want to be in your childhood?
3) What is your father?
4) What is your mother?
5) Do you want to choose the profession of your parents?
6) Do you have the strength of will?

Remember these traits of character:

  1. respectable – уважаемый
  2. just – справедливый
  3. honest – честный
  4. creative – творческий
  5. successful – успешный
  6. responsible – ответственный

Text №2 «How to Сhoose the Profession»

Words to the text:

  1. the following – следующее
  2. likes and dislikes – вкусы и предпочтения
  3. abilities and traits of character – способности и черты характера
  4. in order to discover – для того, чтобы раскрыть
  5. mass media – средства массовой информации
  6. common people – обычные люди

Choosing a profession is not easy. Listen to some advice that can help you to make the right choice.

If you are not sure what job or profession to choose, do the following:

  • Ask your parents about their profession and the profession of their friends. Ask  them to describe other jobs they know.
  • Your likes and dislikes are very important. No one can work well, if he or she does not like the profession.
  • In order to discover your abilities and traits of character you can visit a psychologist, who tests your attention, memory and character.
  • Mass media such as newspapers, magazines and TV can help you too. There are interesting articles and programs about famous and common people.

Questions to the text:

  1. What are your likes?
  2. What do you hate doing most of all?
  3. Do you study well?
  4. What is your favourite subject?
  5. Do you have a person who you admire?
  6. What is your dream?
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