Как рассказать о себе на английском языке (план ответа, полезные выражения)

О себе/ About myself (План подробного ответа о себе)

1. Представьтесь/ Introduce yourself
To begin with, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is….

  • I live in Moscow in a new district. My school is (not) far from … It takes me …..to get there.
  • I am a student of the ____th form of school № (number)…

2. Расскажите немного о своей семье/ Say a few words about your family

  • We are a family of four./There are two of us in the family. / I have a big/ extended family.
  • My favourite relative is my….. (elder brother, younger sister, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin)

Не уверены, что сможете составить рассказ о себе правильно? Тогда вам нужен образец рассказа о себе, то есть шаблон — Рассказ о себе на английском языке (краткий). Вставьте в пропуски слова, которые вам подходят и выучите! Удачи!

2.1. Вы можете описать любимого члена семьи / You can describe a relative

I’d like to say a few words about my …

  • age, appearance (eyes, hair, nose, lips, height, figure)
  • profession, hobbies
  • your personal attitude and feelings towards him/her

3. Опишите свою квартиру/ Describe your flat

  • We moved to Moscow from ……in……. / I was born in Moscow. I live in a three-room flat.
  • Now I consider it my native town.

4. Опишите свою внешность / Describe your appearance

  • As for my appearance you can see yourself. There is nothing special in it.
  • I’m of medium height.
  • To my mind, I am….
  • I need to lose weight.
  • I am like (похож) my mother about my face.

5. Опишите свой характер/ Decribe your character

  • As for my character, I am a little unsure of myself.
  • I wish I were more easy-going.
  • I never drop my work half-way, always trying to achieve the goals I set.
  • It’s difficult to put me off if I’ve made up my mind to do something.
  • I lack persistence. Мне не хватает настойчивости.
  • Sometimes I am quick to get angry and too slow to cool down.

6. Расскажите о своем хобби и кружках, которые вы посещаете. /What is your hobby?

  • In my free time I enjoy doing….
  • I am keen on sport.
  • I attend dance club.

7. Расскажите о своих друзьях. /Say a few words about your friends.

  • The English say that man’s best friend is his dog but I don’t agree with them.
  • I have a close friend. Her/ His name is …
  • I’ve made friends with her at school and our friendship has been lasting since.
  • I can share my thoughts and my dreams with my friend.
  • We are very much the same with character.
  • We have much in common.

8. Расскажите как проходит ваш день./ Describe your daily routine

9. Расскажите о своей школе./ Decribe your school.

  • I like my school and try to do my best in all subjects.
  • I try to get good marks in all subjects.

10. Назовите свои любимые предметы. /Describe your favourite subjects.

  • My favourite subject is …….. because I am good at ….
  • Also I am interested in…
  • I am going to specialize in….
  • I want to enter a good institute that’s why I’ll study two years more.

Подведите итог: To sum up, I would say that I am a very happy person.

Теперь вы знаете, как рассказать о себе на английском языке по плану. Вы можете раскрыть поподробнее один из пунктов. Списки слов по каждой теме вы найдете в разделе —> Лексика / Topics and Vocabulary. Не забудьте, использовать слова-связки и разговорные выражения, чтобы ваше сообщение звучало связно и естественно. Удачи!

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