Sightseeing in Moscow. Outings and Places of Interest (для подготовки к экзамену)

В данной статье вы найдете полезную информацию для подготовки к экзамену по английскому языку, а именно список основных достопримечательностей Москвы (театры, музеи, церкви, монастыри,  музеи-усадьбы и др.), а также текст про Москву на английском языке (Sightseeing in Moscow). А еще несколько важных исторических фактов из истории Москвы.

Moscow's sights and places of interest

Some Facts from the History of Moscow:
1. Moscow was founded in 1147 by prince Yuri Dolgoruky.
2. Moscow became the capital in the 13th century as a center of Tatar Yoke.
3. Moscow was the most important Russian city since the 15th century.
4. In 1812 Moscow was captured and burnt by Napoleon.
5. Moscow remained the second capital from 1712 till 1917.

List of Moscow Sights and Places of Interest:

  1. Red Square
    1. the Kremlin — Кремль
    2. the Mausoleum — Мавзолей
    3. the Kremlin Palace — Кремлевский дворец
    4. the St. Basil Cathedral — Собор Василия Блаженного
  2. The Moscow Underground
  3. Moscow churches and monasteries
    1. the Novodyevitchi Convent  — Новодевичий монастырь
    2. the Danilov Monastery — Даниловский монастырь
    3. the Temple of Christ the Savour — Храм Христа Спасителя
  4. Museums
    1. the State Tretyakov Gallery  — Государственная Третьяковская галерея (famous for its collections of paintings, sculpture, drawings, icons)
    2. the Museum of Fine Arts named after Pushkin  — Музей изобразительных искусств имени Пушкина (the second after the Hermitage in Russia)
    3. the Shilov Gallery — Галерея Шилова
    4. The Kremlin Armoury /Oruzheynaya Palata  — Оружейная Палата (famous for its collections of royal plates and dishes, arms and armour, state symbols such as thrones,  the crowns, etc.)
    5. the Diamond Fund  — Алмазный Фонд (has the exhibition of unique precious stones)
  5. Moscow Theatres
    1. The Bolshoi Theatre — Большой театр
    2. The Maly Theatre — Малый театр
    3. the Moscow Art Theatre (the MkhAT) — МХАТ
    4. The Operetta Theatre — Театр оперетты
  6. The Moscow University — Московский государственный университет
  7. The State Library — Государственная библиотека им. Ленина
  8. Parks and Gardens
    1. Gorky Park — Парк Горького
    2. Sokolniky Park — Парк Сокольники
    3. Ismailovsky Park — Измайловский парк
  9. Estate Museums — Музеи — усадьбы
    1. Tsaritsino — Царицино
    2. Kolomenskoye — Коломенское
    3. Kuskovo — Кусково

Text «Outings and Sightseeing in Moscow»

Before reading the text, make sure that you know the words on the topic «Culture and Arts»: outings, amusement parks, estate museums, get acquainted with, performance, exhibition, be sure to know, be worth visiting, artifacts, sculpture, historic pieces.

Try to remember the adjectives: world-famous, the most visited, various, brilliant, valuable, commercial

Remember the phrases:

  1. There is no need to rack your brains — Не стоит ломать голову …
  2. Any foreigher is sure to know … — Любой иностранец знает

There is no need to rack one’s brains about outings in Moscow as it has a lot of world-famous theatres and galleries, amusement parks and estate museums.

Let us start getting acquainted with the Moscow city with its theatres. The most famous of them, the Bolshoi and Maly Theatre, are just in the centre, in Teatralnaya Square. One more popular theatre, Moscow Art Theatre (the MkhAT), is just round the corner. Altogether in Moscow there are about ninety theatres, where you can find performances to every taste from classical to modern ones.

Also in Moscow there are more than seventy museums and a lot of exhibitions of all kinds.

As for the galleries, any foreigner is sure to know the most popular gallery in Moscow. It is the Tretyakov Gallery, which is the center of Russian cultural life. It houses various exhibitions and it is the most visited gallery in the city. Also the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the Shilov Gallery are definitely worth visiting because there you will enjoy not only paintings by brilliant artists but also a collections of different artifacts, sculpture and other valuable historic pieces.

Tastes differ, you know. But in summer Moscow’s shady amusement parks are waiting for everybody. The most popular of them are Gorky Park, Sokolniky Park and Ismailovsky Park, to say nothing of the great estate museums such as Tsaritsino, Kolomenskoye or Kuskovo. They may not be at the top of the list of Moscow entertainment, but promise great enjoyment for a person of any age and background.

All in all, the Moscow’s places of public entertainment are so different that you will never be bored. Everybody will find where to go out, the only problem is what to choose: more real or more commercial. To my mind, it just depends on the money you are going to spend.

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