Личное письмо 7-9 класс. Задания

Предлагаемые ниже темы по английскому языку раздела «Личное письмо» рекомендуются с целью активизации письменной речи и тренировки формата личного письма, а также последующей подготовки к экзамену. Как известно, задания по теме «Личное письмо» уже окончательно вошли в формат экзамена по английскому языку в 9 и 11 классе. Такие задания полезно начинать отрабатывать уже в 5 классе, так как они помогают активизировать пассивный словарный запас школьника. Выражаю благодарность Строковой A. В. за помощь в работе над данным разделом.

Личное письмо. Темы 7 — 9 класс

Ранее в статье Личное письмо 5-6 класс. Задания  были предложены следующие 12 тем для отработки: Summer Holidays, My School, My Family, My Pet, My School Friends, Books, Travelling to London, My Best Friend, Favourite Animals, My Day, School Trips, Parties, Helping about the House.

В данной статье предлагаются следующие темы:

  1. At Weekends
  2. Books
  3. Family
  4. Food
  5. Sports
  6. Parties
  7. Travelling (2 варианта)
  8. Seasons
  9. Ecological Problems (2 варианта)
  10. Winter Holidays
  11. Summer Holidays
  12. Future Profession (2 варианта)
  13. Health
  14. Shopping

* * *

Задание. Прочитай отрывок из письма твоего друга из Англии. Напиши ему ответное письмо.

Объем вашего письма должен составлять 100-120 слов. 

Личное письмо. 7-9. Задание C1

1. Тема «At Weekends»

…Every weekend we try to go somewhere by car. Where would you prefer to go — to the countryside or to a new town? Why? How do you usually spend your weekends? Who do you like to spend your weekends with?

* * *

2. Тема «Books»

… Some of my friends don’t read books. As for me, there is nothing like a good book! Do you read summaries instead of real books, why or why not? Can you get a good grade in Literature, if you do so? What book are you reading now?…

* * *

3. Тема «Family»

..My Granny was 83 yesterday, but she’s still full of life. All our big and friendly family gathered to her birthday. What can you say about your family? How often and for what occasions do you meet? What do you like to do together?

* * *

4. Тема «Food»

…Yesterday I cooked pizza myself! Yummy! What do you think of pizza and fast food in general? What do you usually have for lunch? What can you cook yourself, if you need to?

* * *

5. Тема «Sports»

..Hooray! I finally made for the school basketball team! Tomorrow is my first game. Are you fond of sports? Why? What do you think of the last Olympic games in Sochi? What’s the best way of spending free time for you?

* * *

6. Тема «Parties»

……I will be 15 in two weeks. So I would like to have a birthday party. My parents advise me to organize a barbecue party. But I think I’d better have it at home because the weather is so unpredictable. Can you give me some advice? What do you usually do at the parties in your country? What music do you play? I wish you were at my party, too.

* * *

7. 1. Тема «Travelling»

……my father wants to go to Egypt during these winter holidays. But I think I’d better go to the USA. What country would you visit? What places of interest would you like to see?

* * *

7. 2. Тема «Travelling»

…my father suggested our visiting Rome or Paris this summer. I think I’d better go to Paris but I’m not sure. What city would you visit?

* * *

8. 1. Тема «Seasons»

… Today is Sunday, but I feel bored and unhappy. It’s already been raining hard for two days and there’s nothing to do at home…

* * *

8. 2. Тема «Seasons»

…What is your favourite season and why? What do you do when the weather is rainy? How do you usually spend your weekends? …

* * *

9. 1. Тема «Ecological Problems»

…One of my friends gets ill very often. The doctor says that it’s because he lives in a big city with a poor environment… …What ecological problems are the most serious in your country? What can teenagers do to make their hometown cleaner? Would you like to live in a big city or in the country, why? …

* * *

9. 2. Тема «Ecological Problems»

… Yesterday we had a class where we discussed different ecological problems. Our teacher suggested opening an eco-club, where we can do something useful for the environment …
…What ecological problem do you consider the most serious? What can young people do to protect the environment? Do you think ecological problems should be discussed at school, and why?…

* * *

10. Тема «Winter Holidays»

… Most of my classmates like summer. But I like winter holidays. I’m keen on skating, and in winter I’ve got lots of opportunities to do my hobby.
…When do you have your school holidays in Russia? Which holidays are the shortest? Which holidays are your favourite and why? …

* * *

11. Тема «Summer Holidays»

… You’ve probably seen the photos which I took on my holiday. During the rainy days we are having now they bring back good memories! The summer, the countryside, the mountains, the time when I could ride my bicycle all day long! …
…Where did you spend your last summer holidays? What did you do during your holidays? What holidays do you like more (summer or winter holidays) and why?…

* * *

12.1. Тема «Future Profession»

I can’t choose whether to become a teacher or an interpreter. Both professions have their advantages and disadvantages. What would you advise me?

* * *

12.2. Тема «Future Profession»

I think I’d like to be an interpreter or a translator because I like English and I also do well at our French lessons. My teacher thinks it’ll be good if I take lessons of German, too, so I’ll start learning it this year. We are going to have so much work this year! Do you also have to study much? Do you have any free time to enjoy yourself?

* * *

13. Тема «Health»

Yesterday my best friend fell ill and his mother called a doctor. I worried about him… What should people do to be healthy? Do you visit a doctor regularly? Why? What food is good for health?

* * *

14. Тема «Shopping»

Yesterday my brother and I went shopping. Our mother asked us to buy some vegetables for dinner. Who goes shopping in your family? Where do you go when you need to buy something? Do you like to go shopping? Why?

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