Hobby. Free Time. Тексты и тесты для закрепления лексики по теме «Свободное время. Хобби»

Тексты и тесты по теме «Хобби. Свободное время» помогут вам активизировать свой словарный запас по теме «Hobby. Free time».

Text «Hobby and Free Time»

As a rule, in their free time people like to entertain or amuse themselves.

  1. to entertain – развлекать
  2. to amuse oneself – забавляться

They can arrange a party or go out, for example, go to a disco or some club. Generally they do it to have fun or to have a good time.

When people have nothing to do they easily get bored. As a rule, boredom is an awful state which can lead to depression. That is why it is necessary to get yourself occupied.

Nowadays the most common activity to get rid of boredom is surfing the Internet. This mass media offers a lot of opportunities for entertainment.  Socializing in social networks is the most popular activity not only for the young but also for the grown-ups. Using the Internet helps you to kill your time browsing, sharing your pictures in Instagram or chatting with «friends». Gossips or «yellow press» (tabloids) do you more harm than good as they make your brain work in the wrong direction.

Well, sometimes concerned parents try to make their children be occupied all time. That is why schoolchildren don’t have much free time. But if they have, they usually spend it indoors playing computer games or chatting in the net. They can do it for hours.

Some years ago people had a lot of hobbies. Have a look at the list of hobbies of your parents.

Полный список видов хобби на английском


  1. What is the most popular hobby nowadays?
  2. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
  3. Do you prefer spending your free time with your friends or alone? Why?
  4. What would you do if you had more free time?

Test №1 «Hobbies and Pastimes»

Вставьте в пропуск пропущенное слово.

  1. They _______all day swimming and sunbathing at the beach. (used, spent, occupied)
  2. Some years ago she got interested _____ sewing and knitting. (in, at, of)
  3. Johnny very much likes putting together the pieces of a ______ (puzzle, crossword, mosaic).
  4. Kate goes jogging every morning to keep________ (exercised, trained, fit).
  5. I’m afraid I don’t find volleyball________ (interested, very interesting, of any interest).
  6. Collecting matchbox labels is Brenda’s favourite_________ (leisure, business, pastime).
  7. People get bored when I talk about my stamp __________ (album, collection, collecting).
  8. Bring your racket and I will meet you at the tennis_____ (field, gym, court).
  9. She _________aerobics (goes in for, trains, takes).
  10. Have you ever _______in winter sports? (played, done, taken part)
  11. Clare has been keen (on, at, about) _________flower arranging since she was ten years old.
  12. Playing computer games is the most popular hobby (among, with, about)  ________young people.

Text «Knitting»

  • used to  — когда-то
  • there is no doubt — без сомнения
  • calm — успокаивать
  • knitting patterns — узоры
  • take pains — предпринятые усилия
  • although — хотя

Knitting is a hobby which used to be very popular.

Nowadays women prefer buying clothes because they cost so little. But hand knitting is still fashionable. Do you know why?

There is no doubt that the process of knitting calms. And it is the first reason. Second, creative women enjoy inventing different knitting patterns. Besides, the fact that a self-made sweater or a pullover is unique, makes its creator proud.

Although learning to knit is not so easy, it is worth taking pains as it can be very useful leisure activity for a woman.

Test №2 «Hobbies and Pastimes»

  1. Recently he has decide to (start, take up, take)_________photography as a hobby.
  2. I’m afraid Julia haven’t the patience for  (doing, making, getting) _________ a model.
  3. My parents made me (give up, take up, go off) ____________ base-jumping as they thought it was too dangerous.
  4. Embroidery is an excellent way to fill my (idle, freedom, leisure) __________ time.
  5. Parachuting is a dangerous  (vocation, calling, occupation )_________.
  6. Kate enjoyed (riding, going by, sitting on)  __________the horse but found it hard to get off.
  7. Our school teacher wanted to (stimulate, assure, encourage)_________us to become interested in a variety of different hobbies.

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