Books. Список слов и выражений для подготовки к ОГЭ и ЕГЭ

Books! Books… Books? There is no doubt that reading books is pushed out by television, the Internet and computer games nowadays. What can we do about that? Read and learn English words and word expressions on the topic «Books» and express your opinion.

Список выражений для подготовки к экзамену по теме «Books» (ОГЭ / ЕГЭ)

  1. books on different branches of science — книги по разным отраслям науки
  2. textbooks, reference books, dictionaries — учебники, справочники, словари
  3. fiction books of different genres — художественные книги разных жанров
  4. from books we learn — из книг мы узнаем
  5. prefer reading to  — предпочитаю читать, а не …
  6. provide food for thought — дают пищу для размышлений
  7. develop imagination — развивают воображение
  8. broaden outlook — расширяют кругозор
  9. source of knowledge — источник знаний
  10. be pushed out by — вытесняются

* * *

Примеры предложений со словами и выражениями по теме «Books»

  1. Books on different branches of science are mostly in English.
  2. Reference books and dictionary are convenient to use in the electronic form.
  3. I enjoy reading fiction books of different genres. 
  4. From the book «Robinson Cruso» I have learnt that we must never give way to despair.
  5. Sometimes at leisure I prefer preading to watching TV.
  6. Classical literature provides food for thought.
  7. Science fiction and fantasy books develop imagination.
  8. Travel books and historical novels broaden our outlook. 
  9. The book as a source of knowledge is replaced by the Internet nowadays.
  10. Nowadays reading books is pushed out by television, the Internet and computer games.

* * *

Вопросы по теме «Books»

  1. Did your parents read you books when you were a child?
  2. Do you enjoy reading books? If so, what is your favourite book genre?
  3. Do you think that people can live without books?
  4. Do you think that reading aloud at the lessons of Literature can help students to love reading?
  5. What is the last book you read and what is it about?

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