Achievments in Science and Technology. Список английских слов №2 (intermediate)

Вы верите в пользу научно-технического прогресса? Наука и современные технологии предлагают спорные достижения. Прочитайте короткие тексты на английском языке про основные достижения науки и техники и сделайте выводы сами.

Achievments in Science and Technology. Список английских слов №2 (intermediate)

1. high technologies — высокие технологии
2. development of science and technology — развитие науки и техники
3. unpredictable discoveries —  непредсказуемые открытия
4. become an inseparable part of our life — стать неотъемлемой частью нашей жизни
5. imagine without various gadgets — представить без разнообразных гаджетов
6. heated arguments — горячие споры
7. make more comfortable and safe — сделать удобнее и безопаснее
8. scaring and unpredictable results — пугающие и непредсказуемые результаты
9. consequences of modern science and technical progress — последствия современной науки и технического  прогресса
10. threaten life on the Earth — угрожать жизни на земле
11. threaten the existence of our planet — угрожать существованию нашей планеты

* * *

Achievments in Science and Technology

Nuclear Power 

  • nuclear age — ядерная эпоха
  • devastating weapons — оружие массового поражения

The 20-th century is called the nuclear age. It’s due to the fact that the man learned to use the power of the atom. He created the most devastating weapon in history and now the stores (запасы) of A-bombs and H-bombs threaten the existence of the whole planet.

Space Exploration

  • be based on — быть основанным
  • penetrate into — проникнуть в

The exploration of space is based on high technologies which cost a lot of money. However, flights into outer space allow man to penetrate into new spheres of unpredictable discoveries.

Achievements in Medicine and Biology

  • overpower — одолеть
  • incurable diseases — неизлечимые заболевания
  • cell — клетка
  • genetic engineering — генная инженерия
  • cloning — клонирование

Dozens of incurable diseases have been overpowered. The man has penetrated inside the cell and such branch of science as genetic engineering is doing wonders nowadays. However its results are sometimes scary, for example cloning. It has caused heated arguments because of its moral side.

The Internet

  • It has turned out to be — Оказалось, что она (виртуальная реальность)
  • substitute — заменить

The Internet has connected people from all parts of the world. People are getting more and more involved in the computer world. Children forget about all other toys when computer games are at hand. Almost all modern projects, designs and calculations are impossible without computers. The newest invention is the virtual reality, which can be changed according to the wishes of the man. It has turned out to be so attractive that there is a danger that it can substitute the whole world for its users.

The Mobile Phone

  • be introduced — введены в действие

Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who hasn’t got a mobile phone. Before the invention of the mobile phone (1983), there were only phones which were connected to a phone line. The problem was that it was impossible to contact people if you were on a bus or in a car. Also people couldn’t send text messages to each other. Since the mobile phone was introduced, text messages have changed the way of communication. At present we don’t actually need to call someone.

The first mobile phones were big and heavy, now they are small and light. The chances are that they will become even smaller and lighter in future.

ЗАДАНИЕ. Express your opinion on the following ideas, concerning modern science and its consequences.

1. The Internet has become an inseparable part of people’s everyday life.
2. Virtual reality is the curse of the 21-st century.
3. Exploration of space is very expensive and quite useless.
4. Nuclear energy should be used less and less because of its negative influence on nature.
5. Cloning is the greatest achievement of medicine in the 21-st century.

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