Russia’s Famous People. Mikhail Lomonosov

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Russia's famous people

Russia’s Famous People

All over the world Russia is famous for its cultural life. It is literature, music and art. Among Russia’s famous people there are writers, poets, artists, composers, scientists, sportsmen and others.

The best–known Russian writers and poets are Aleksander Pushkin (the 2d in the picture), Michail Lermontov, Sergey Esenin, Nicolay Gogol, Ivan Turgenev, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Anton Chekhov, Boris Pasternak and others. They are popular throughout the world.

The greatest Russian composers are Aleksander Borodin, Modest Musorgsky, Nicolay Rimsky-Korsakov, and Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky (the 3d in the picture).

The outstanding Russian artists and painters are Isaak Levitan, Repin, Vasnetsov, Shishkin, Surikov. Their pictures are exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery, which is one of the most famous and well-known picture gallery in our country and in the world.

The first cosmonaut on the Earth, Yuri Gagarin (the 4th in the picture) was from Russia and he made his flight into space on the 12th of April in 1961.

The father of Russian science is Mikhail Lomonosov (the 1st in the picture). He was also an outstanding poet and the founder of Russian literature. He founded the first Russian university.

Mikhail Lomonosov. Text

The Russian scientist Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov was born in 1711, in the village of Denisovka near the town of Kholmogory, Arkhangelsk Gubernia, in the family of fisherman.

As soon as he learned to read, little Mikhail read all the books he could get in his village. At the age of 17 he left his native place, and made his way to Moscow. In Moscow he successfully entered the Slav-Greek-Latin Academy, the only higher educational institution in Moscow at that time.

Neither conditions of work nor material difficulties discouraged young Lomonosov. His brilliant capabilities and hard work enabled him to complete the seven-grade curriculum of the Academy in four years.

A year later he came to Petersburg, and then was sent abroad to study metallurgy and mining.

In 1741, after his return to Russia, Lomonosov became a Professor of Chemistry and a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Lomonosov was a  man of unusual abilities. He made great achievements in the spheres of physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, geography, linguistics and history. Among the numerous discoveries of Lomonosov was the Law of the Conservation of Mass (закон сохранения энергии).

Lomonosov himself considered chemistry his “main profession”, but he was at the same time the first Russian physicist. He gave all his energy to the promotion of Russian science. In 1755 thanks to his efforts the Moscow University was founded. The university became a major centre of Russian enlightenment and science.

Mikhail Lomonosov was the most famous person in the 18th century. He died in 1765 at the age of 54.

The list of Russia’s famous people will be continued soon. Now you can read more about Russia.

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