The Political System of the USA

Из этой статьи вы узнаете о политическом устройстве Соединенных Штатов Америки (the political system of the USA). Прежде чем читать эту статью, изучите английские слова по теме «The Political System of Different Countires».
Кстати, политическая система в США такая же как в России, а именно федеративная республика.

Слова федеративная, президентская и парламентская являются синонимами.

The USA is a federal (presidential, parliamentary) republic.

Также в этой статье вы услышите знаменитую речь Дональда Трампа, которая сделала его президентомThe Speech that made Trump President. 

Mind the articles & the stress in the words:

  • the Senate [‘senɪt] — Сенат
  • the House of Representatives [ˌreprɪ’zentətɪv] — Палата представителей
  • the Capitol [‘kæpɪt(ə)l] — Капитолий
  • the White House – Белый дом
  • the Supreme Court [s(j)uː’priːm] — Верховный суд
  • But__ Congress — Конгресс

The Political System of the USA (основная информация)

  1. The president is the head of state.
  2. The head of state in the USA (the president) has the real power. For example, he is Commander-in- Chief of the armed forces (Главнокомандующий ВС), he makes treaties (ведет переговоры) and appoints ambassadors (назначает послов), can veto laws.
  3. Congress and the Supreme Court control the president’s power.
  4. The legislative power in the USA belongs to Congress, consisting of the Senate [`senit] and the House of Representatives (two senators for each state (100 in total).
  5. The executive power belongs to the President, the Vice-President and the Cabinet.
  6. The President, the Head of the executive branch, is elected for a four-year term.
  7. In the USA each state has its own constitution (50 states and the District of Columbia).
  8. The American Bill of Rights, passed in 1791, forms the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the USA.
  9. Congres sits in the Capitol.
  10. The White House is the president’s residence.
  11. There are two main political parties in the USA: the Democratic and the Republican.


1. Do you think that the role of the President in the USA is ceremonial like the Queen in Great Britain?
2. Who is the head of the executive branch in the USA? In Britain?

* * *

Test on the Political System of the USA

  1. In America , the _________________ is the Head of State.
    1. Congress
    2. Parliament
    3. President
  2. The President of the United States is_______________ every four years.
    1. examined
    2. elected
    3. changed
  3. The President makes the most important decisions and chooses the members of his ________.
    1. council
    2. court
    3. cabinet
  4. In other words, the President ______________the heads of the most important departments in the Administration.
    1. appoints
    2. delays
    3. opposes
  5. The president __________the United States on official occasions.
    1. controls
    2. declares
    3. represents
  6. The President cannot act without the Senate’s __________
    1. approval
    2. appointment
    3. opposition
  7. Congress is the_____________ branch of the federal government.
    1. democratic
    2. political
    3. legislative
  8. The President’s policies must be approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate before they become ________________
    1. constitution
    2. law
    3. democracy

* * *

The Speech of Donald Trump that made him President (6, November, 2016)

* * *

Подводя итог, давайте сравним политические системы в Америке и Великобритании.

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