Texts about animals in English (beginner, intermediate)

Вы уже изучили названия животных на английском языке и можете описать любимое животное. Теперь настало время познакомиться с каждым из них поближе и прочитать тексты про животных на английском языке (texts about animals in English).
Texts about animals in English

Тексты предназначены для разных уровней (beginner, intermediate) и расположены в порядке возрастания сложности. Кстати, ответьте на вопрос: What animal can you see in the picture?

Тексты про животных на английском языке (texts about animals in English


  1. Text №1 «The Dog» (beginner
  2. Text №2 «Insects»(beginner)
  3. Text  №3 «Tortoises» (intermediate)
  4. Text № 4 «The Giraffe» (upper-intermediate)
  5. Text №5 «Bats» (upper-intermediate)

Text №1 «The Dog» (beginner — для начинающих)

Words for the text:

  1. master — хозяин
  2. voice — голос
  3. looks — внешность
  4. guard — охранять
  5. train — тренировать
  6. hunt — охотиться
  7. belong to — принадлежать
  8. tame — приручать
  9. useful — полезный
  10. kinds of dogs — породы собак

The dog is clever. It is the only pet who knows its master and the friends of his family. It knows the master by his voice and even by his looks.

The dog is a good companion and true friend. It will guard your life. It will work for you if you train him. It will hunt for you. It will play with you.

All dogs were wild once. They belonged to the same family as the wolf and the fox. But people tamed them, and now dogs are useful to man.

There are many kinds of dogs and  you can read about some of them.

Answer the questions to the text:

  1. Why do people think that the dog is clever?
  2. What can a dog do for a man?
  3. What family does the dog belong?
  4. What kinds of dogs do you know?
Тексты о собаках на английском языке СКОРО

Text №2 «Insects» (beginner)

Words for the text:

  1. everywhere — везде
  2. desert — пустыня
  3. nectar — нектар
  4. hive — улей
  5. sting — жалить
  6. brightly coloured — ярко окрашенный
  7. harmful — вредный
  8. wide — широкий
  9. study — изучать
  10.  entomologist — энтомолог

There are more insects on the earth than all other kinds of animals. Insects live everywhere – in the garden, in the pond, in the forests, and even in deserts. Some insects live in the oceans or in very cold places, such as Antarctica.

Let us go to the garden. In the daytime you can see bees, bumblebees, beetles, butterflies, dragonflies, wasps and some others. In the nighttime there come mosquitoes, some beetles and night butterflies.  Insects are always busy. They try to find food – plants, other insects or nectar from flowers.

Bees collect nectar to take back to their hive for food. They visit more than two thousand flowers each day. Bees make honey and they can sting.

Butterflies are beautiful, brightly coloured insects. Some butterflies live for a year, others live only for a week. Butterflies don’t usually fly at night.

Ladybirds are a type of beetle. Their bright colours tell other animals that they don’t taste very good. Ladybirds are useful because they eat harmful insects.

Dragonflies are very big. Their wings can be 19 cm wide. They are the fastest insects and they can fly up to 97 km an hour.

People who study insects are called entomologists.

Answer the questions to the text:

  1. Where do insects live?
  2. What do they look like?
  3. What do they eat?
  4. How long do they live?
  5. Do you know any interesting facts about some insect?
  6. What do bees make?
  7. Which insect bites people?
  8. Which is the fastest insect in the world?

Text  №3 «Tortoises» (intermediate)

Words for the text:

  1. The Galapagos Is­lands — Галапагосские острова
  2. species — виды
  3. survive — выживать
  4. be isolated — быть изолированным
  5. taken off — увозить
  6. endangered — животные, занесенные в красную книгу
  7. are left — осталось

The Galapagos Is­lands are situated in the Pacific Ocean to the west of  South America. There are many species of reptiles, birds and plants which are only found here. These animals survived on the islands because they were isolated from dangerous animals, dis­ease and people.

The Galapagos islands are famous for huge tortoises. These tortoise can live for about 100 years and can weigh about 270 kilos. They are so heavy that only six or eight people can lift them.

Not long ago sailors, explorers, hunters and fishermen came to the islands and killed the slow, friendly animals for their meat. Some tortoises were taken off the islands for zoos or private collections.

These tortoises are now endangered animals. There are now only about 6,000 left. Now, they and their home are protected.

Answer the questions to the text:

  1. What animals live in the Galapagos islands?
  2. What are the tortoises like?
  3. Why are they endangered animal now?

Text № 4 «The Giraffe» (upper-intermediate)

Words for the text:

  1. habit — привычка
  2. reach — доставать
  3. upper — верхний
  4. vertebra — позвонок
  5. stiff — негнущийся
  6. spread — расставить
  7. enable — давать возможность
  8. skillfully — умело
  9. thorny — колючий
  10. being pricked — уколоться

The giraffe is the tallest of all living animals. It is strange but the body of a giraffe is no larger than of a horse. The animal is so tall because of its long legs and especially neck.

A famous French zoologist, Jean de Lamarck, had a theory that the giraffe’s neck grew so long because of the animal’s habit of reaching for the tender leaves in the upper branches of trees.

The neck of a giraffe has only seven vertebrae. But each vertebra is extremely long. Because of this a giraffe always has a stiff neck. If it wants to take a drink from the ground, it has to spread its legs far apart in order to be able to reach down!

The strange shape and build of the giraffe is perfectly suited to enable it to get its food. A giraffe eats only plants, so its great height enables it to reach the leaves on trees which grow in tropical lands where there is little grass.

The giraffe’s tongue is very long, and it can use it so skillfully that it can pick the smallest leaves off thorny plants without being pricked.

Задание. Какие интересные факты вы узнали о жирафе? Перескажите текст.

Text №5 «Bats» (upper-intermediate)

Words for the text:

  1. echo — эхо
  2. obstacle — препятствие
  3. brownish — коричневатый (ср. также green­ish — зеленоватый, и т.п.)
  4. spotted — пятнистый
  5. suck — сосать, высасывать
  6. heal — заживать
  7. carry rabiesзд. переносить, разносить бешенство
  8. upside down — вверх ногами, вверх тормашками
  9. hawk — ястреб
  10. species — виды

Bats are strange creatures: they have legs and feet but they cannot walk. So, they fly like birds and they are the only animals that can fly.Bats are most common in the tropics, where they can find food all the year round. Most bats are brownish in colour, but others are blackish, orange, grey, greyish green, greenish white, white, yellowish, and some are even spotted.

There are fruit-eating bats and insect-eating bats. There are also bats that catch and eat small fish. And there are bats that feed on blood.

Vampire bats are the only animals that feed on blood. These small tailless creatures live in Central and South America. With their two sharp upper teeth vam­pire bats make a small hole in the skin of another animal and suck blood from it. They sometimes bite human beings, too, but it happens very seldom. The wound they give their victims heals quickly, but these bats may carry rabies, that is why people are afraid of them.

Bats are usually active at night, when most people are asleep. In the daytime they hang close together in their attics, caves, or other dark places where they make their homes.

Bats hang upside down when they are rest­ing. Only when evening comes do they begin to move. They go out of the hole into the night above to search for food. In the morning they come home from their night of work to sleep until the next night.

Bats have very few enemies. Some hawks, owls, and snakes can catch them, but it isn’t an easy thing for them.

Bats live as long as 10 years, some species live longer. Many strange and false le­gends have been told about bats. In Western countries peo­ple fear them and think that they bring bad luck. In China and Japan bats are symbols of good luck, happiness, and long life.

Задание. Какие интересные факты вы узнали о летучей мыши? Перескажите текст.

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