Sports, Sportsmen & Equipment. Список английских слов по теме «Спорт» №3

Вы интересуетесь спортом? Хотите узнать, как называются по-английски виды спорта и спортсмены, их экипировка и снаряжение?  В статье вы найдете полный список видов спорта (для ознакомления), интересные упражнения, которые помогут вам запомнить основную лексику по теме «Sports».

Sports. Полный список английских слов №3

Проверьте себя, хорошо ли вы знаете основные английские слова по теме «Sports»

Sport. Words to know:

  1. go climbing, climber, to climb
  2. go swimming, swimmer, to swim
  3. go skating, skater, to skate, skates
  4. go sailing, sailor, sail, to sail
  5. go horse riding, rider, to ride
  6. go skiing, skier, to ski, skis
  7. go cycling, cyclist, to cycle
  8. go water skiing
  9. do bodybuilding, bodybuilder
  10. do weight lifting, weight lifter, to lift weights
  11. play football, football player
  12. play tennis, tennis player
  13. play chess, chess player
  14. play golf, baseball, basketball, rugby
  15. take part in
  16. like watching
  17. indoor sports
  18. outdoor spots
  19. cheap, cheaper, the cheapest
  20. expensive,more expensive, the most expensive
  21. dangerous, more dangerous, the most dangerous
  22. win, winner
  23. goalkeeper, captain, team
  24. gym, ice rink, pool, track, pitch, court
  25. kick the ball
  26. score a goal
  27. hit the ball
  28. throw the ball
  29. catch the ball
  30. pass the ball
  31. overtake
  32. rope, helmet
  33. net, racket
  34. boat, swimsuit
  35. martial arts
  36. judo, karate, sumo, wrestling, boxing
  37. match, game, tournament, cup, race,
  38. championship, champion
  39. competition, to compete

Далее вас ждут НОВЫЕ слова и упражнения по теме «Sports»:
1. Sports and sportsmen
2. Sports equipment
3. Sports clothes

I. Sports and Sportsmen:

— British’s national sport is football. English one is cricket. Scottish one is golf.
— Americans love baseball, which is considered their national sport.
— The most popular game in the world is football.

  1. Boxing (boxer) — бокс (боксер)
  2. Wrestling (wrestler) — борьба (борец)
  3. Cycling (cyclist) — велогонка (велогонщик)
  4. Volleyball (volleyball player) — волейбол (волейболист)
  5. Gymnastics (gymnast) — гимнастика (гимнаст)
  6. Rowing (rower) — гребля (гребец)
  7. Judo (judoist) —  дзюдо (дзюдоист)
  8. Athletics (athlete) — легкая атлетика (атлет)
  9. Yachting (yachtsman) — парусный спорт (яхтсмен)
  10. Swimming  (swimmer) — плавание (пловец)
  11. Diving (diver) — прыжки в воду (прыгун)
  12. Shooting (shooter) — стрельба (стрелок)
  13. Archery (archery) — стрельба из лука (лучник)
  14. Weightlifting  (weight lifter) — тяжелая атлетика (штангист)
  15. Fencing (fencer) — фехтование (фехтовальщик)
  16. Figure skating (figuer -skater) — фигурное катание (фигурист)
  17. speed skating (speed skater) — скоростной бег на коньках (конькобежец)
  18. Skiing (skier) — лыжные соревнования (лыжник)
  19. Water skiing (water skiier) — водные лыжи
  20. Skateboarding (skater) — скейтбордист
  21. Snowboarding (snowboarder) — сноубордист
  22. Roller – skating (roller-skater)
  23. Horseracing (rider) — верховая езда (всадник)
  24. Water polo — водное поло (ватерполист)
  25. Golf (golfer) — гольф (гольфист)
  26. Bowling (bowler) — боулинг (боулингист)
  27. Lawn tennis (tennis player) — большой теннис (теннисист)
  28. Table tennis  — настольный теннис
  29. Billiard / Snooker  (billiard player) — бильярд (бильярдист)
  30. Steeplechase (steeplechaser) — скачки с препятствиями (участник состязаний по стипль-чезу)
  31. Acrobatics (actobat) — акробатика (акробат)
  32. Car racing (racer) — мотогонки (гонщик)
  33. Badminton (badminton player) — бадминтон (игрок в бадминтон)

Exercise 1. Guess what sports and games are described here:

  1. the sport of fighting with fists;
  2. the sport of riding in a small boat with sails;
  3. the sport of one who swims;
  4. the sport of playing a type of football with an oval ball;
  5. a game for two people who use rackets, a small soft ball and a low net;
  6. the sport of moving through the water in a boat without sails;
  7. the sport of going on horseback;
  8. a game played by two teams of 6 players each that is played on an ice field.
  9. an outdoor game popular in Britain played in summer with a small ball by two teams of two teams of 11 players each, usually dressed in white.
  10. a game in which players on each side of a high net try to keep a ball in motion by hitting it with their hands back and forth over the net without letting it touch the ground.
  11. an organized sport of fist fighting.
  12. races held in water.
  13. a game for two or four players who hit a ball backwards and forwards across a low net.
  14. a game, played by two teams of five players who try to throw ball into basket fixed above the ground.
  15. a fight, the sport in which people fight by holding their opponent and trying to throw or force them to the ground.
  16. the activity of lifting heavy objects.

Exercese 2. Choose the right name of British popular sports and games to complete the sentences.

  1. People in England began to play ….. as early as 1550.
  2. ….. is one of the oldest sports that existed in Saxon times.
  3. ….. is the sport that began to develop in England.
  4. ….. was first played in England in 1872, whose first championship was at Wimbledon.
  5. ….. is a game invented and developed in England which is nowadays played all over the world.

(golf, cricket, football, boxing, tennis)

Exercese 3. Answer the questions:

  1. What sports or games can you call:
  2. How many summer and winter sports can you name?
  3. Which of them are sports and which of them are games?
  4. the most beautiful,
  5. the most dangerous,
  6. the least dangerous,
  7. the most useful for health,
  8. the most interesting to watch,
  9.  the least interesting to watch,
  10. the most common,
  11. the best for keeping fit,
  12. the most attractive for you and why?
  • What sports can be practiced both indoors and outdoors, only outdoors or indoors?
  • Practicing which sports needs special equipment or doesn’t need any equipment.
There are indoor sports (games ) and outdoor sports (games).

Indoor sports take place in: a gym, a court (площадка для игры в теннис, баскетбол), a ring, a stadium, an ice rink, a fitness centre, a racetrack, a swimming pool, a football pitch, a sports ground.

Exercise 4. How many indoor and outdoor sports and games can you name?

EXAMPLE. Indoor games are…   OR  Boxing is indoor sport.

Exercise 5. What do we call people who

  • play football, cricket, rugby, tennis
  • judo, weight lifting
  • go swimming, jumping, running, windsurfing, mountaineering, potholing
  • ride a bike

There are answers at the end of the post!

Exercise 6. Say what the sportsmen do

EXAMPLE. A boxer boxes.

a skater, a swimmer, a boxer, a skier, a wrestler, a footballer, a speedskater, a fencer, a chess-player, a tennis-player, an athlete, a goal-keeper, a draughtsman, a cyclist, a gymnast

Exercise 7. What do we call a person who

goes in for cycling, swimming, fencing, gymnastics, weightlifting, athletics, skating, skiing, yachting, playing tennis (football, hockey, chess and draughts).

II. Equipment

  1. Ski — кататься на лыжах
    1. Skis – лыжи
    2. Skiing-boots — лыжные ботинки
    3. Skiing- suit — лыжный костюм
    4. Ski-track- лыжня
    5. Ski-run -лыжный кросс
    6. Ski-poles — лыжные палки
  2. play hockey — играть в хоккей
    1. Stick -клюшка
    2. Puck -шайба
    3. Goal- ворота
  3. skate — кататься на коньках
    1. skates — коньки
    2. skating rink — каток
  4.  sledge — кататься на санях
    1. sledge — сани
  5. skipping rope — скакалка
  6. climbing rope -канат
  7. balance beam — бревно
  8. wall bars – шведская стенка
  9. hoop — обруч
  10. racket – ракетка
  11. shuttlecock — воланчик
  12. net – сетка
  13. goal — футбольные ворота
  14. ring – кольцо
  15. cue — кий
  16. swords –шпаги
  17. club – клюшка,  бита
  18. basket — корзина
  19. mat — ковер

Exercise 8. Correct the wrong sentences. 

  1. Football is popular in almost all the countries in the world.
  2. If you want to play hockey you must have a puck and a stick.
  3. People who played chess are called chessmen.
  4. The referee acts as a goal keeper in football.
  5. There is no difference between tennis and table tennis.
  6. Tennis is a game in which two or four players strike a tennis ball with rackets over a net.
  7. Every player dreams of losing a game.
  8. Draughts is an outdoor game.

III. Sports Clothes:

  1. tracksuit — спортивный  костюм
  2. swimming-trunks — плавки
  3. swimsuit — купальник
  4. trainers — кроссовки
  5. waterproof jacket — водолазный костюм

Exercise 9. Say what equipment is necessary for going in different sports and games:

EXAMPLE: Skis, ski-poles and ski-boots are necessary for skiing.

  • “A racket and a shuttlecock are …”
  • “ A stick and a pluck are …”
  • “A goal and a ball are …”
  • “A net and a ball are …”
  • “A yacht……”
  • “A windsurfing board….”
  • “Swords are….. ”
  • “A bow [bou] and arrows….”
  • “Darts and dartboard….”
  • “A cue, a table and balls….”
  • “ Draughts and draught board…..”

Exercise 10. Guess usual sports. Say what we call it.

  1. A game in which two teams of five players each try to score goals by throwing a large ball through a net fixed to a metal ring at each end of the court. They players bounce the ball while running, and pass it to each other.
  2. A game in which two teams hit a large ball with their hands, backwards and forwards over a high net. The ball is not allowed to bounce on the ground.
  3. A game played between two teams of 11 players who kicks a ball round a field trying to score a goal.
  4. A game of two players who each start with sixteen playing pieces to move on a board. The aim is two move your pieces so that your opponent’s king will be taken.
  5. A game in which the players use rackets to hit a small feathered object called a shuttlecock over a high net.
  6. A game in which you use long sticks called clubs to hit a small hard ball into holes that are spread out over a large area of grassy land.
There are unusual sports:

1. parachuting — прыжки с парашютом
2. potholing — путешествия по пещерам (спелеология)
3. mountaineering — альпинизм
4. windsurfing — виндсерфинг
5. trampolining — прыжки на батуте
6. kiting — кайтинг
7. canoeing — гребля на байдарках и каноэ

Exercise 11. Guess usual sports. Say what we call it:

  • It’s the sport of riding a small sort boat with a sail.
  • It’s the sport in which acrobats and gymnasts jump up and down to perform exercises on a sheet of material tightly stretched (крепко прикрепленный) to a metal frame (раме).
  • It is jumping from an airplane with a parachute.
  • The sport of climbing down inside large holes which go deep underground in a rocky country.
  • It is a sport of climbing mountains.
  • It is a sport of flying kites.

Идем дальше?

Answers to Exercise 5.

  1. football player /footballer; cricket player/ cricketer; rugby player; tennis player
  2. judoist; weight lifter;
  3. swimmer; jumper; runner; windsurfer; mountaineer; porholer
  4. bicyclist
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