My Usual Day (texts for beginners with questions)

Прочитайте тексты на английском языке из рубрики «My usual day». Тексты помогут вам закрепить на практике изученные английские слова по теме «My Day. Список №1», а также запомнить новые английские слова и выражения.


  1. Text №1 «My father’s day»
  2. Text №2 «My son’s day»
  3. Text №3 «My daughter’s day»

Text №1 «My Father’s Usual Day» (for beginners)

New words:

  1. daily routine — распорядок дня
  2. as a rule — как правило
  3. have to — приходиться
  4. must — должен
  5. first — сначала
  6. consist of — состоять из
  7. feel fresh — чувствовать себя бодрым
  8. be ready for work — готов к работе
  9. It takes him — Ему требуется
  10. kiss his wife goodbye — поцеловать свою жену на прощанье
  11. beforehand  — заранее

Прочитайте текст на английском языке для начинающих

Part 1. In the Morning

I want to tell you about my father’s usual day or his daily routine.

As a rule, he gets up at 7 o’clock. He has to get up early because he must leave home at 8 o’clock.

First, he goes to the bathroom, washes his face with cold water and shave himself. He doesn’t take a shower and doesn’t do his morning exercises either (тоже). Then he makes his bed, quickly gets dressed and goes to the kitchen to have breakfast. His breakfast usually consists of boiled eggs, a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

A cup of coffee helps him feel fresh and be energetic and ready for work.

He kisses his wife goodbye, takes his suitcase and leaves home for work. It takes him an hour to get to work by car but the traffic is so heavy, so he has to leave home beforehand.

Answer the questions:

  1. When does your father get up, as a rule?
  2. Does he have to get up early?
  3. What does he do first?
  4. What does hisbreakfast consist of?
  5. Does he feel ready for work in the morning?
  6. When must he leave home for work?
  7. What does he do to feel fresh in the morning?
  8. Does he kiss your wife goodbye?
  9. How long does it take him to get to work?
  10. Does he have to leave home for work beforehand? Why?

Part 2. In the Daytime

New words:

  1. be over — заканчиваться
  2. be late for — опаздывать на
  3. be cross with — сердиться
  4. do one’s (my, his) best — стараться все делать хорошо
  5. be good at — хорошо получаться
  6. try — стараться, пытаться
  7. give a lift — подвезти
  8. helpful — полезный

My father’s working day at the office begins at 10 o’clock. As a rule, he is never late for work although (хотя) traffic jams are very common in our city.

He works hard all day and sometimes stays at work after the working day is over. His boss is never cross with my father because he always does his best. He is good at English and very often she asks him to translate some letters or take part in the business negotiations (принимать участие в деловых переговорах). The knowledge of business English helps him a lot.

As a rule, he leaves office usually at 10 o’clock in the evening. Sometimes he gives a lift to some of his colleagues. He tries to be helpful.

Answer the questions:

  1. Is your father sometimes late for work? Why?
  2. When is his working day over?
  3. Is his boss sometimes cross with him? Why?
  4. Does he always do his best?
  5. Does he try to do his best?
  6. Is he helpful?
  7. What is he good at?
  8. Does he usually give a lift to his colleagues?

Part 3. In the Evening

New words:

  1. be hungry — быть голодным
  2. be tired — быть уставшим
  3. make plans — строить планы
  4. share news — делиться новостями
  5. be in a bad mood — быть в плохом настроении

When my father comes home, he has dinner. He is always hungry and eats a lot. He is tired and after dinner he tries to relax. Usually he  listens to music. If his wife wants to watch a good film, he downloads it on his computer and they watch it on a big screen. He doesn’t like to watch TV because they show a lot of commercials (реклама). Sometimes they go for a walk in the park. While walking they share their news or make plans for the weekend.

When my father is in a bad mood or very tired, he likes to play with his dog. Sometimes it is difficult for him to go to sleep and he reads a book to relax.

Answer the questions:

  1. Is your father hungry when he comes home from work?
  2. What does he do if he feels tired?
  3. What does he do if he is in a bad mood?
  4. Who does he share his news?
  5. Who does he discuss his plans?
Проверьте себя, сколько новых выражений вы запомнили:

  1. as a rule
  2. have to
  3. must
  4. first
  5. consist of
  6. feel fresh
  7. be ready for work
  8. It takes me
  9. kiss my wife goodbye
  10. beforehand
  11. be over
  12. be late for
  13. be cross with
  14. do my best
  15. be good at
  16. try
  17. give a lift
  18. helpful
  19. be hungry
  20. be tired
  21. make plans
  22. share news
  23. be in a bad mood

Text №2 «My Son’s Usual Day»

New words:

  1. join — присоединяться
  2. go on foot — идти пешком
  3. do well — хорошо учиться
  4. give a hand — помочь
  5. be busy with — быть занятым
  6. be proud of — гордиться
  7. seems  — кажется

Прочитайте текст на английском языке

My son usually gets up at 7 o’clock. He makes his bed and goes to the bathroom to wash his face and clean his teeth. Then he goes to the kitchen to have breakfast. His breakfast usually consists of a bowl of porridge and a glass of juice. He hates porridge but I always tell him that it is healthy. When our breakfast is over, he gets dressed and we leave home together. Sometimes I drive him to school. But if he sees his friends, he joins them and they go on foot.

My son does well at school and his teacher is never cross with him. He is busy at school till 3 o’clock. Sometimes he stays after classes to have some extra lessons. He has a lot of friends and they often go to the sports ground to do sport. My son’s favourite subject is English and I am proud of his good marks. I always tell him how important nowadays to know English well. I try to do my best and he seems to understand.

In the evening we meet at the dinner, we talk and share our news. After dinner he plays computer games or watches his favourite sports programme. Sometimes my wife asks him to help her about the house or take out our dog. He always gives her a hand.

He goes to bed at 11 o’clock.

Проверьте себя, хорошо ли вы запомнили английские слова ниже:

  1. join
  2. go on foot
  3. do well
  4. give a hand
  5. be busy with
  6. be proud of
  7. seems

Text №3 «My Daughter’s Usual Day»

New words:

  1. sleep tight — крепко спать
  2. wake up — разбудить
  3. be sleepy — быть сонной
  4. put on — надеть
  5. school progress — успехи в школе

Прочитайте текст на английском языке

My daughter always gets up late. She sleeps tight and it usually takes time to wake her up. Even then she is sleepy and my wife takes her to the bathroom to have a cool shower. It helps her feel fresh after her night dreams. She doesn’t like to clean her teeth in the morning but my wife tells her that it is very important to have white and strong teeth. She is always cross when she doesn’t do it.

When she makes her bed and gets dressed, she joins us at the kitchen table. She is a little slow and my wife sometimes tells her to eat quickly. When she finishes, she kisses her mother, takes her school bag and is ready to go. She kisses us goodbye and leaves home for school at about 8 o’clock. Her school is not far from our house and she usually goes on foot.

She doesn’t like school and doesn’t do well at school either (тоже). Her favourite subject is Music. So, she puts on headphones and listens to music at the lessons too. Her teachers are cross with her.

When she comes home from school, she is always very tired and in a bad mood. She does her lessons very quickly. She can’t concentrate on the work and seems to think about something else. When she finishes her lessons, she plays the guitar or listens to music.

When I come home from work early, I always have a talk with her about her school progress. Sometimes it helps.

She goes to bed at 12 o’clock.

Проверьте себя, хорошо ли вы запомнили английские слова из текста:

  1. join
  2. go on foot
  3. do well
  4. give a hand
  5. be busy with
  6. be proud of
  7. seems
  8. sleep tight
  9. wake up
  10. be sleepy
  11. put on
  12. school progress

Вы прочитали три текста на английском языке (уровень beginners — для начинающих) по теме «My usual day». Далее вас ждет урок английского языка  №2. по теме «Распорядок дня»


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