Healthy Way of Life. Список английских слов №2 по теме: «Здоровый образ жизни»

Список английских слов по теме «Healthy way of life. Bad habits.» (25 слов уровня intermediate), тексты (топики) на английском языке по данной теме, а также вопросы для активизации лексики.

Healthy Way of Life. Список английских слов №2 (intermediate)

  1. healthy way of life = healthy living — здоровый образ жизни
  2. unhealthy way of life = unhealthy living — нездоровый образ жизни
  3. bad/ unhealthy habit — вредная привычка
  4. take care of your health — заботиться о своем здоровье
  5. get into a habit of — завести привычку
  6. get rid of a bad habit — избавиться от вредной привычки
  7. make it a rule — поставить за правило
  8. prefer organic food — предпочитать натуральную еду
  9. food with additives/ junk food/ fast food — еда с добавками, фастфуд
  10. food rich in calories = fatty food — калорийная пища
  11. influence our health — влиять на здоровье
  12. improve health — улучшить здоровье
  13. ruin health — навредить здоровью
  14. do harm — причинять вред
  15. skip breakfast — пропускать завтрак
  16. be overweight — иметь избыточный вес
  17. lose weight — похудеть
  18. put on weight  — поправиться
  19. keep to a diet / be on diet / follow a diet — быть на диете
  20. have little physical activity — мало двигаться
  21. take regular exercises — регулярно заниматься упражнениями
  22. live a regular life — вести правильный образ жизни
  23. a late riser — тот, кто поздно встает
  24. an early riser — тот, кто рано встает
  25. be as fit as a fiddle — быть в добром здравии и прекрасном настроении

Texts on the topic «Healthy Way of Life»

Text №1 «Influence of Food»

Food we eat also influences our health. Nowadays people are very busy and they often eat in fast food restaurants as they don’t have time to cook. Fast food is unhealthy. It is very rich in calories (fatty) and has a lot of additives. This food gives a lot of energy. But if you don’t work it out (израсходовать), it becomes fat in your body. The same is with chocolates, cakes and sweets. They have much fat and sugar.

People should get rid of a habit of eating fast food and get into a havit of eating organic food such as fruit, vegetables and fish.

There are other bad habits, which can ruin our health. It is smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs.

Text №2 «Our Health»

Our health depends on many things: our physical activity, the food we eat and our good and bad habits. Although a lot of people are interested in staying healthy, not many people do very much about it. Modern way of life when people have little physical activity, use cars instead of walking, watch television and work on computers for many hours is quite dangerous for their health. People’s  health also influences their mood.

There are many opportunities to stay healthy and be fit and one of them is going in for sports. But you needn’t be a professional sportsman. Just simple regular exercises give you energy and help you feel and look better.

Exercises that involve repeated movements such as are walking, jogging or swimming are the best. Bending and stretching which are practiced in aerobics or yoga make your body flexible and light. The cheapest and most popular sport is jogging.  If you don’t have time for it, make small changes like using stairs instead of the lift or walking or cycling instead of taking the bus and it can help you to improve your health and make you a more active person.

Also it is very important to get rid of bad habits. The worst ones are smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking doesn’t only cause heart and lung problems but also makes your teeth yellow and skin unhealthy.

Food we eat also influences our health. A lot of people like drinking Coca-Cola and coffee and enjoy pizza and hamburgers. But what is tasty is not healthy. You should avoid eating in fast food restaurants and make it a rule to cook meals at home using organic food as much as possible.

Only a healthy man can enjoy his life, work well and be happy. There are proverbs “Health is better than wealth” and “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Задание по активизации лексики по теме «Healthy Way of Life. Bad Habits»

Задание 1. Name bad habits. Consult the table.

  1. lead to (приводить) = cause (вызывать) = result in
  2. take measures – принимать меры
  3. argument – довод, аргумент
  4. convince – убеждать
  5. affect= influence – влиять

Texts on the topic "Healthy Way of Life"

  1. Which arguments against bad habits seem most convincing to you? Place them in order of importance. Consult the table.
  2. Which of the arguments will you use to convince your friends or parents not to smoke or drink to much? Use the table.

Задание 2.Answer the questions:

1.Why do people care about healthy way of life nowadays?
2. How does our health depend on our lifestyle?
3. What can people do to stay healthy? What do you personally do?
4. Is sport a hobby or a part of your everyday life?
5. Is sport popular in your family? Do your parents do sports regularly?
6. Why is it important to exercise every day?
7. What bad habits do you know? Why are they dangerous?

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