Getting to the Top (a short text for intermediate)

The text tells us about what getting to the top means for different people. It refers to the topic «Career». 

Text «What is Getting to the Top Fraught with?»

(from the book “One-page story for intermediate)


  1. to be obsessed — быть одержимым
  2. spiritual — духовный
  3. to expand — расширять
  4. outlook — точка зрения, кругозор
  5. self-sacrifice — самопожертвование
  6. fraught (with) — полный, преисполненный, чреватый
  7. fraught with meaning — многозначительный
  8. to soothe — успокаивать
  9. loser — проигравший, неудачник
  10. potential — (потенциальные) возможности

Getting to the top means different things for dif­ferent people. For some people getting to the top is associ­ated with a huge country house and a new brand car.

Such people are obsessed with the idea of getting loads of money and power. For others getting to the top means spiritual development. These people try to expand their mind and broaden their outlook. Still others choose the way of self-sacrifice.

It is important to find your own gifts and follow your goal. We ourselves should understand what we are good at rather that letting parents, teachers or friends make our plans for us. Sometimes such «help» costs lots of time before you find a profes­sion you really enjoy where you can express your talents.

Getting to the top is fraught with dangers. You can lose your friends and even health. What will you have in the end? Will you have anybody to come up to and soothe you? You can conquer the world, but still be a loser. Do you know that Alex­ander of Macedonia asked to be buried with his hands turned to the sky? It was a sign that his hands were empty. He had conquered half the world, but he didn’t possess anything.

On the way to the top we should respect other people.

Of course, we should control our life and use the talent and potential we are born with and use it fully toward our purpose. But we shouldn’t become slaves of our goals, we should be able to change our life in case of necessity. In many European coun­tries people tired of «rat race» give up high posi­tions and high salaries turning to simple life.

Everyone chooses his own way, and we can’t blame anyone for our failures. We ourselves are responsible for what we are doing with our lives.

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