Flat. Список английских слов №3 (pre-intermediate)

Список английских слов №3 по теме «Flat. Квартира» для тех, кто продолжает изучать тему «Дом и интерьер. Предварительно рекомендуется изучить Английские слова для начинающих по теме «Home. My Place». Список №1

Flat. Appartment Английские слова по теме: «Квартира». Список №3

  1. building — здание
  2. multi-storey building — многоэтажное здание
  3. sky-scraper — небоскреб
  4. flat — квартира
  5. floor — пол, этаж
  6. (on) the ground floor — на первом этаже
  7. (on) the first floor — на втором этаже
  8. lift — лифт
  9. entrance — вход в подъезд
  10. intercom — домофон
  11. modern conveniences — современные удобства
  12. central heating — центральное отопление
  13. running water — водопровод
  14. gas — газ
  15. electricity — электричество
  16. balcony — балкон
  17. yard — двор
  18. street — улица
  19. lead to — вести к … ПРИМЕР. The door leads to the kitchen.
  20. face —  выходить ПРИМЕР. The large windows in the room face the park.
  21. look on to — смотрят на…
  22. move into — переехать

Text «Our Flat» (in English)

Words for the text:

  • row — ряд
  • luckily — к счастью
  • follage — листва
  • a passage — проход, небольшой коридор
  • share — делить, делиться
  • get on well with — быть в хороших отношениях с

Our flat is on the fifth floor of a twelve-storey building. The building is in the noisy street in the long row of buildings that look the same. Luckily, the windows of our flat look on to the quiet yard. Tall trees grow there and and we can enjoy green follage and sometimes see the birds singing in the branches.

When you go into the building through the entrance, you get into a big hall. The lift takes you up to the fifth floor, just press the button.

Our flat has all modern conveniences: gaz, electricity, running water and central heating. All this makes our life comfortable and enjoyable.

Our flat is very large and has three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a hall and two balconies. The hall is the first place that you get to when you open the door. It has four doors which lead to the rooms and a passage that leads to the kitchen.

The kitchen is large and light. But we don’t have meals in the kitchen. The largest room in our flat is the living-room. We like to gather together around the large round table to have supper and share the news in the evenings.

Our family is large and three bedrooms are enough for us. So my parents and my elder sister have their own bedroom and my brother and me share the same bedroom. But we get on well with my brother and that’s O.K.

Задание. Опишите свою квартиру по плану ниже:

  1. Where is the building situated?
  2. What floor is your flat?
  3. Where do the windows look on to?
  4. What modern conveniences does it have?
  5. How many rooms does it have? What are they?
  6. Describe your flat in short.
  7. Are you happy with your flat?
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