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Данный список слов рекомендуется для самопроверки своего словарного запаса по теме «Sports». Список содержит самые распространенные слова.

Sport. Words to know

  1. go climbing, climber, to climb
  2. go swimming, swimmer, to swim
  3. go skating, skater, to skate, skates
  4. go sailing, sailor, sail, to sail
  5. go horse riding, rider, to ride
  6. go skiing, skier, to ski, skis
  7. go cycling, cyclist, to cycle
  8. go water skiing
  9. do bodybuilding, bodybuilder
  10. do weight lifting, weight lifter, to lift weights
  11. play football, football player
  12. play tennis, tennis player
  13. play chess, chess player
  14. play golf, baseball, basketball, rugby
  15. take part in
  16. like watching
  17. indoor sports
  18. outdoor spots
  19. cheap, cheaper, the cheapest
  20. expensive,more expensive, the most expensive
  21. dangerous, more dangerous, the most dangerous
  22. win, winner
  23. goalkeeper, captain, team
  24. gym, ice rink, pool, track, pitch, court
  25. kick the ball
  26. score a goal
  27. hit the ball
  28. throw the ball
  29. catch the ball
  30. pass the ball
  31. overtake
  32. rope, helmet
  33. net, racket
  34. boat, swimsuit
  35. martial arts
  36. judo, karate, sumo, wrestling, boxing
  37. match, game, tournament, cup, race,
  38. championship, champion
  39. competition, to compete
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