Вопросы по теме «About myself. My Family»

Answer the questions to practice talking about yourself, your family, your daily routine, household chores and the life of your dream
1. What can you tell a stranger about yourself?
2. What are three things that you enjoy doing most of all and the three things that you hate doing?
3. What are your favourite pastimes and hobbies?
4. How big is your family?

5. What is better: to have a small family or a big family with a lot of children and other relations? Why?
6. What is your family like? Have you got any brothers and sisters? Are you good friends with them?
7. Have you got baby brothers and sisters? Do you help your mother to take care of them? What do you do?
8. What is an ideal family as you see it?
9. What are your family’s favourite pastimes? What do you like doing together?
10. What are the things you like doing together? Have you got any family traditions? What are they?
11. In what way is your family important for you?
12. What are your parents?
12. What can you tell us about your nearest and dearest?
13. What is the life of your dream?
14. Can you realize your dreams in future?
15. Where do you prefer to live: in the country or in the city?
16. What are negative aspects of living in the city?
17. What are positive aspects of living in the city?
18. What is the house of your dream?

* * *

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