Travelling. Texts (для продолжающих)

Три текста по теме «Travelling» для продолжающих помогут вам вспомнить уже изученные  английские слова по теме «Путешествия», а также запомнить новые. К текстам прилагаются вопросы и задания для активизации устной речи на английском языке.

1. Places to Go on Holidays. Dialogue №1

Words to learn:

  1. I’d like to go on — Я бы хотел отправиться
  2. I’d prefer to go on — Я бы предпочел отправиться
  3. sound exciting — звучать заманчиво
  4. be full of tourists — полно туристов

Задание. Read the dialogue. Answer the questions:

  1. What places to go on holiday did the girl and the boy discuss?
  2. What reasons were mentioned for and against the trips?
  3. What trip did they finally decide on?
Use the phrase: The girl suggested going on… but the boy refused because…

Girl: Which holiday (отдых) would you like to go on, Ricky?
Boy: Er… I don’t know … they all look interesting. Well, I think I’d like to go on the wildlife safari.
Girl: Really?
Boy: Yeah, I prefer hot places, you know. South Africa sounds good.
Girl: Mm. I think the trip to Patagonia sounds the most exciting, though.
Boy: Yes? You do?
Girl: I mean, you can really explore somewhere, you know, which isn’t full of tourists. It would be great, because you can go skiing and mountaineering as well.
Boy: True.
Girl: I wouldn’t like to go on the safari, actually. You know, sitting around watching giraffes. You can see them in the zoo, can’t you?
Boy: Yeah, but isn’t the weather bad in Patagonia? It’s really windy, isn’t it? It’s worse than the weather here!
Girl: Yeah, that’s true.
Boy: And that Patagonia trip sounds a bit, you know, uncomfortable.
Girl: Maybe. But they give you everything you need. Tents, four-wheel-drive cars … it’d be a real adventure, wouldn’t it?
Boy: No, not really. Not for me. I don’t like cold places. I’d really prefer to go to Africa.
Girl: Well… not me. Let’s have a look at one of the others. What about rafting in Northern Turkey? That sounds quite good, doesn’t it?
Boy: Mm right. But I wouldn’t like to go rafting. I think it’s really dangerous.
Girl: Oh, come on, Ricky. You’d love it in Turkey. It’s hot there in the summer as well. You can’t complain about that!
Boy: No, I suppose not. And at least they’ve got guest houses. I hate camping.
Girl: Yeah … I know!
Boy: And maybe I should try rafting.
Girl: Right, great. And we could go to Istanbul on the way back. I’ve heard it’s an amazing place.
Boy: OK … right, lefs go there!

* * *

Reasons for Travelling. Text №2.


  • curiosity — любопытство
  • encourage — побуждать
  • undertake a trip — совершить поездку

People enjoy traveling, but what are their reasons they leave their homes? There are several of them. First comes curiosity. Films about far-off places, books and friends’ stories encourage us to undertake our own trips.

  • get a glimpse — ознакомиться

Education comes next. Learning through traveling is very popular. It does not mean only visiting museums and admiring architectural ensembles. It also means to get a glimpse of another life style. You can never get that sort of knowledge from books.

  • escape the problems — сбежать от проблем

And besides, there are people who just change places. Probably they have problems at home and that is their way  — rather to escape than to solve. Others look for adventures. We are all different and  and have different motives for traveling.

Question: What are the main reasons for traveling?

* * *

 3. A Personal Opinion about Travelling. Text №3

Retell the text, paying attention that you remember well the useful phrases below.
  1. broaden my outlook — расширять кругозор
  2. understand other cultures — понять другую культуру
  3. an experienced traveller — опытный путешественник
  4. plan everything carefully — все тщательно планировать
  5. travel agency — туристическое агентство
  6. arrange the journey — организовать путешествие
  7. arrange for us an accomodation — организовать проживание
  8. book a  return ticket — заказать обратный билет
  9. pack the luggage — упаковать багаж
  10. arrive at the airport — прибыть в аэропорт
  11. stay in a hotel — остановиться в отеле
  12. it offers — он предлагает
  13. a wide range of activities — широкий выбор разных видов отдыха
  14. remote places — отдаленные места
  15. scenic routes — живописные маршруты

I like traveling because it broadens my outlook and helps me to understand other cultures. I’m not an adult yet so I travel with my parents. But I think that I’m already an experienced traveler. I know that if you decide to travel, you should plan everything carefully.  This year we decided to go to Britain. At first we went to a travel agency that helped us to arrange our journey. They arranged for us an accommodation in a hotel and booked us a return ticket. Then we packed our luggage and arrived at the airport. We stayed in a small hotel near London. It offered us a wide range of different activities: boating and canoeing, hiking and rafting and others.  I prefer cycling because I like going to remote places and I am fond of scenic routes.

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