Travelling. «The Worst Holiday in my Life» (текст на английском языке для продолжающих (уровень 2)

Read the extracts from the text «The worst holiday in my life» and put the paragraphs into the right order to make a story. — Прочитайте отрывки из текста и расставьте абзацы в правильном порядке так, чтобы получилась история. Повторите английские слова по теме Travelling (список №1) & Travelling (список №2)

Текст на английском языке для продолжающих по теме «Travelling»

 It was the worst holiday in my life

(text in English for pre-intermediate, уровень 2)

Before reading make sure that you remember the words:

  1. get to the aiport
  2. arrive in
  3. take a taxi
  4. get on the plane
  5. at the airport
  6. luggage
  7. leave Paris
  8. plane ticket
  9. flight
  10. travel agent — турагент
  11. departure — отправление

Знаменитые достопримечательности Парижа:

Paris — Париж (столица Франции)

the Eiffel Tower [ˌaɪf(ə)l ‘tauə]- Эйфелева башня

Champs Elysees  [ʃɒnz ə ˈliːz eɪ] — Елисейские поля (известная улица в Париже)

Если вы плохо помните эти слова, вы можете повторить английские слова  — Travellling. Список слов для начинающих №2

 A. And this was the beginning of my problems. I woke up too late. I got to the airport and I saw that I hadn’t taken my passport. I took a taxi home and then back to the airport. I was very upset. I got on the plane. When I came to France, people at the airport told me that my luggage was in China. I didn’t have my clothes. I didn’t have my books. I didn’t have anything.

B. That was too much for me. I decided to leave Paris and go back to England. I phoned my friends in London, asked them to send me some money and I bought a plane ticket for the next flight. Finally, I was back home. When I arrived the travel agent informed me that my luggage was in Paris.

С. When I came to the hotel, they didn’t have a room for me because I hadn’t arrived on time. I went to another hotel where I could spend the night. The night was really hot and the air conditioning was broken. I couldn’t open the window because there was a very busy street outside and the noise was awful.

D. Next day I decided to go to see Paris. When I left the hotel I went straight to see the Eiffel Tower. Before I got there a man came to me and pulled out a gun. He took all the money I had on me.

E. It all started in the morning two months ago. I always wanted to see Paris, the cafes, the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees. So I bought a plane ticket to Paris and waited for the day of departure.

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