Travelling. Short Texts (для разных уровней)

В рамках изучения темы «Travelling» (Путешествия) прочитайте короткие тексты на английском языке. Тексты предназначены для разных уровней и способствуют закреплению пройденной лексики.

Travelling. Short Texts

Travelling. Short Texts

Text «An Opinion on Travelling on Holidays»

  • change — смена деятельности (что-то новое)
  • do nothing but  —  ничего не делать, только
  • have to do — приходится делать

I believe that holidays should be a change.

Most people like a change. If they live in the country they like to go to a big town and spend their time looking at the shop windows and visiting cinemas, theatres and museums.

If they live in the city, they like to go the some quiet place in the hills or by the sea, do nothing but walking, swimming or lying in the sun.

So, on holidays most people don’t like doing things they have to do all year round.

What is your opinion on travelling on holidays?

* * *

Text «An Opinion on Travelling by Car»

  • tiring — утомительный
  • tensed — в напряжении
  • exhausted — измученный

My friends spend most of their free time driving around the country and sightseeing. As for me, I find travelling by car very tiring. It makes no difference if I drive a car or just sit as a passenger. I will try to explain. When I drive, it usually takes too much of me — too much nerves. When I am a passenger, I always feel tensed as my legs and arms hurt. It is because I hate too much sitting. So, after driving I’m usually exhausted.

What is your opinion on travelling by car?

* * *

Text «Travelling to a Small Town»

  • on the way — по пути
  • it makes no difference — не имеет значения
  • whichever — какой бы
  • the other —  другой

A Londoner was going to the west of England for a holiday. He arrived at a small town by train. When he knew that there were two hotels there, he took a taxi. On the way out of the station he asked the driver: «How long have you been living here?» «Since childhood,» — was the answer. «Then which hotel could you recommend?» asked the tourist. «You see, it makes no differencewhichever hotel you’ll choose you’ll be sorry you didn’t choose the other,» answered the driver.

What is the gist of the joke?

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