Texts about Skateboarding and Swimming (with tasks)

Тексты на английском языке с заданиями по теме «Sports» уровня intermediate / pre-intermediate. Для закрепления лексики по теме «Sports» и развития языковых навыков предлагаются два текста уровня pre-intermediate (Skateboarding) и intermediate (Swimming). Тексты содержат познавательную информацию и будут интересны изучающим английский язык на среднем уровне в рамках прохождения темы «Спорт».

Text 1 (pre-intermediate)

About Skateboarding

Задание. Read the text. Complete the passages using the words.

Use: board, becomes, practice, sport, foot,sometimes, body, balance, feet

Skateboarding has become a very popular 1. ______ . All a person needs to enjoy this sport is a skateboard, good 2._______ , and some 3. ________ .   It is a good idea to use safety helmets and kneepads because even the best skateboarders fall 4._________. To begin skateboarding, put one foot on the skateboard and push forward with the other 5. ____. When you get moving fast enough put both 6._______on the 7. ____________. You keep your balance by moving your arms and 8._________. The more you practice the easier it 9.___________.

* * *

Text 2 (intermediate)

About Swimming

Задание. Read the text. Complete the passages using the words.

Use: racing, until, goggles, almost, as long as, safety, splash, besides, ear plugs, prevent

Most Americans can swim, and 1_______ everyone likes at least to 2 _________ around in the waves on a hot day at the beach. Knowing how to swim is important for 3 _________but when you do it seriously, swimming is also one of the best exercises for your body.

4___________ water and swimsuit you don’t need much.
5___________keep irritating chlorinated water out of your eyes and let you watch where you’re going, A swimming cap makes you more streamlined for 6__________ and keeps your hair out of your face.

7 __________keep the water out and 8__________ear infections.

To get in shape, start by swimming twenty minutes three times a week. Add ten minutes 9 __________ you’re swimming for an hour each time. Vary your strokes to work different muscles. It’s okay to take short breaks, 10 ____________your heart rate stays up.

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