At the Station (dialogue, intermediate)

Words you must know: tickets, to book, seat, crowded, smoker, non-smoker, engine,  journey, carriage, compartment, get into the train, luggage, get the luggage through customs

New Vocabulary:

  1. facing the engine — лицом по направлению движения
  2. back to the engine — спиной по направлению движения
  3. see to —  позаботиться о чем-то
  4. whichever seat – любое место

Different opinions on the topic «Travelling / Transport» (upper-intermediate)

Short Texts (opinions) on the topic «Different Means of Travelling»

I. Vocabulary to study:

  1. see off – провожать
  2. feel envy – завидовать
  3. can’t help – не могу не…

All Сars Have Brakes (text on the topic «Transport»)

Text  on the topic “Transport” (level: upper-intermediate)

Try to remember the words: road, vehicle, way, reach, accident

Повторить слова по теме «Транспорт» — English Words on the topic «Transport»

New Words:

  • back seat – заднее сиденье
  • brakes – тормоза
  • tires – шины
  • car horn – гудок
  • driveway – подъездная дорога