British Food (text in English, upper-intermediate)

Read the text on the topic «Food». Say what new information you have learnt about the British food.

Britain is famous all over the world for its gardens, dogs, villages, buses, cars, private schools, the Queen, sports like football and cricket, Parliament. However, not so much has been written about the wonderful food that can be found in Britain.

Slimming Food (text in English with tasks, intermediate)

После изучения английских слов по теме «Food». Список №2 (слова для продолжающих) прочитайте текст и выполните задание к нему. К тексту прилагаются ответы с объяснением.

Slimming Food (text in English with tasks)

These days most people, especially young girls, like .. (1) .. slim. Our grandfathers’ tastes were different .. (2) .. ours but nowadays .. (3) .. seems to enjoy .. (4) .. fat girls. That is why many companies have developed special foods to help people to slim. The only thing .. (5) .. is wrong with this is .. (6) .. a friend of mine said to me the other day: «I don’t mind .. (7) .. these foods if they give me a good figure but why .. (8) .. to taste so awful?» The only sensible advice I could give my friend was «Eat normal food, but .. (9) .. less».