Texts about Sports (Surfing, Boxing, Basketball)

Тексты на английском языке по теме «Sports» расскажут вам об истории происхождения таких популярных видов спорта, как серфинг, бокс и баскетбол. Что вы знаете о серфинге? Кажется, что этот вид спорта только недавно завоевал популярность, однако произошло это в 1960. Кстати, первыми серфингистами были … аборигены. Читайте познавательные тексты о спорте на английском языке и вы не только улучшите свой английский, но и узнаете много интересного.

Перед тем, как начать читать текст про Серфинг / Surfing, пройдите опрос.

Texts about Sports. Тексты на английском языке по теме «Спорт»

1. Text «Surfing»

1.1. What do you know about surfing? (вводный опрос)

Surfing is popular______.

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It is _______ kind of sport.

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The birthplace of surfing is______.

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The best time for surfing is when______.

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It takes______to learn to catch a wave at the right moment.

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"Sports.Тексты на английском языке

1.2. Text «Surfing»

  • practice — практиковать
  • report — сообщать
  • introduction — внедрение
  • fiberglass — стекловолокно
  • Maui — остров Мауи, второй по величине остров в архипелаге Гавайских островов (США)
  • Oahu — остров Оаху (Гавайи; США)
  • experience — испытывать

Surfing is popular all over the world. It is practiced on lakes and rivers, seas and oceans   — anywhere with good wind.

Some people think that it is a new kind of sport. But it is not. It was first reported by the British explorer Captain Cook in 1778. It became popular with the introduction of mass-produced, lightweight (легкий) boards made of fiberglass in the 1960s.

The birthplace of surfing is Hawaii and today it’s home of the most famous surfing competition. Huge waves crash along mile after mile of beautiful sand, and every surfer dreams of experiencing surfing in Maui or Oahu.

The best time for surfing is when the waves are high. Serious surfers must be brave, love adventures and have lots of energy. Once they’ve experienced the excitement of a ride on the top of the waves, they never want to stop.

It takes time to learn to catch a wave at the right moment, stand up on your board and stay there. But during a hot summer day, who minds learning?

 * * *

2. Text «Boxing»

  • go back — зародиться
  • rub — натирать
  • were bound with — обвязаны
  • maim for life — остаться калекой
  • concede defeat — признать поражение
  • introduce — ввести в практику
  • space roped off — пространство, отгороженное канатом

Boxing is an old sport, going back to the days of ancient Greece, where it was an important part of the Olympic Games. The Olympics were held during the hottest part of the summer, and the boxers were rubbed with oil to limit perspiration. Their hands were bound with heavy leather strips often loaded with lead or iron. So fighters were frequently maimed for life. There were no rounds and no time limits — the men fought until one of them conceded defeat.

The sport passed from Greece to Rome, but after the fall of Rome it was unknown in Europe until the 18th century, when James Figg introduced gloveless fighting in England, and opened a boxing school in London. He built an amphitheatre with a square space roped off for the fighters. Figg didn’t believe in rest periods, and a fight continued without stop until one man had obviously won.

* * *

3. Text «Basketball»

  • origin — происхождение
  • hang — вешать
  • purpose — цель
  • attempt— попытка
  • prevent from — помешать

Basket-ball is perhaps the only sport whose origin we can speak of without fear of a mistake.

During the winter of 1891— 1892, James Naesmith, a college instructor in Springfield, Massachusetts, invented the game of basket-ball. He wanted his students to have physical exercise between the time when the football season closed and the baseball season opened. He hung fruit baskets on the walls at opposite ends of the gymnasium and organized nine-men teams to play his new game. The purpose of the game was to throw the ball into one basket and to attempt to prevent the opposing team from throwing the ball into the other basket.

There have since been many changes in the rules (for example, the number of players is now reduced to five), but the game is basically the same today as it was more than eighty years ago.

* * *

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