Sports. Английские слова по теме: «Спорт». Список №2 (для продолжающих)

Для начала проверьте себя, знаете вы слова по теме «Sports»  из списка №1 для начинающих. В списке №2 ниже вы найдете еще слова по теме «Sports» (для продолжающих). Это очень распространенные слова и их следует выучить, если вы хотите читать интересные тексты на английском языке. Вот, например, такой текст на английском языке  «From the History of Football» («Из истории футбола»)

Sports. Английские слова по теме: «Спорт». Список №2 (для продолжающих)

  1. sport — спорт
  2. sports — 1. виды спорта  2. спортивный,
  3. sports dress — спортивная куртка
  4. sports festival — спортивный праздник
  5. go in for sports — заниматься спортом
  6. become a professional … — стать профессиональным …
  7. shout for – болеть (за команду)
  8. support — поддерживать
  9. win against / to lose – выиграть у …
  10. win a gold (siver) medal — выиграть золотую (серебряную) медаль
  11. be awarded with — были награждены
  12. win the cup — выиграть кубок
  13. set a record — установить рекорд
  14. record holder — рекордсмен
  15. become a champion — стать чемпионом
  16. perform well at… — хорошо выступить на
  17. fail to become — не стать …
  18. compete — соревноваться
  19. participate in = take part in — участвовать
  20. participant — участник
  21. train / do training = work out — тренироваться
  22. regularly/ daily/ from time to time — регулярно / ежедневно/ время от времени
  23. miss trainings — пропускать тренировки
  24. take up — заняться (to take up swimming)
  25. give up — бросить ( to give up swimming)
  26. be fit — быть в хорошей физической форме
  27. keep fit — поддерживать хорошую форму
  28. take much time — занимать много времени

It takes me much time to go… — Мне требуется много времени, чтобы доехать …

  1. tension – напряжение
  2. relax = get rid of tension — расслабиться
  3. injure — повредить ( что-л. )
  4. an injury  — травма
  5. audience — зрители
  6. team — команда
  7. national team – сборная
  8. coach — тренер
  9. referee — судья
  10. opponent — противник
  11. champion — чемпион
  12. championship — чемпионат
  13. tournament — турнир
  14. at the court —  на корте
  15. victory — победа
  16. defeat — поражение
  17. draw — ничья
  18. end in a draw — закончиться в ничью
  19. score — счет
  20. point — очко
  21. goal — гол
  22. score a goal — забить гол
  23. the Olympic Games — Олимпийские игры
  24. hold — вмещать
  25. be held — проводиться
  26. achieve — достигнуть
  27. result — результат
  28. competition results — результаты соревнований
  29. rules — правила

* * *

Answer the questions:

  1. Are you keen on sport?
  2. What sport do you go in for?
  3. How long have you been in this sport?
  4. Where do you train?
  5. Who is your coach?
  6. Do you take part in competitions?
  7. What sports do you like best of all?
  8. Are you a sport fan?
  9. What is your favourite team?
  10. What game is the most popular in our country?

* * *

Text. The Olympic Games

The world’s greatest international sports games are known as the Olympic games. The Olympic games proves that real peace can be achieved through sport. The Olympic emblem is five interlinked rings: blue, yellow, black, green and red. Any national flag contains at least one of these colours.

The Olympic Games began in ancient Greece in 776 B.C. These games were part of festival held every fourth year in honor of the God  Zeus at the place called Mount Olympus.

It was great athletic festival, including competitions in wrestling, foot racing, and chariot racing, rowing and others. The games were for men only. Greek women were forbidden not only to participate but also to attend the Olympics.

The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. Then they were resumed in London after the Second World War. Since then the Olympics are held every fourth year in different countries.

The ancient Greeks had no winter sports. Only in 1924 the first Winter Olympic games were held in France. Now they are held regularly.

* * *

Text. The Paralympics

The Paralympics is for people with a physical disability. They were first held in Rome in 1960 and sibce that time there have been 9 Paralympics. The athletes take part in 19 different sports. They play tennis and snookers. They do judo and ride a bike. Some athletes do weight lifting and some go swimming. A lot of athletes go running and jumping. Athletics is very popular. Playing table tennis is also very popular among disabled athletes.

* * *

Talks on the topic «Sports»

Talk 1. Talk about a sports champion you admire.

Say how old he was when he took up the sport, what matches and competitions he took part in and what result he achieved. Do you know where he is working now?

Talk 2. Speak about the last football (hockey, etc.) match.

Say what teams played, where, who won the game, and what the score was. Say whether you like this kind of sport and whether you go in for it yourself or are only a fan.

Talk 3. Act out a dialogue with your friend. You have decide to go in for sports. You are talking to your classmate who is keen on football. Ask him

  • which sports he thinks would be better for you;
  • answer your classmates questions about your favourite sports and games and explain your preferences;
  • answer his questions about popular sports with your friends;
  • accept his invitation to join his sports club.

* * *

Полезные выражения по теме «Sports»

  1. I am keen on…  — Я увлекаюсь…..
  2. Show me how to play…  —  Научите меня как играть в…..
  3. When did he take up sport?
  4. Who is the leader in your team?
  5. Who is leading? — Кто ведет в счете?
  6. What is the score?
  7. There is still no score.
  8. What’s the final score?
  9. Who has scored? — Кто забросил мяч?
  10. What was the result of the game?
  11. The score is 5: 3 (five to three) in favour of the (team).
  12. They won by a score of two to one.
  13. Who scored the first goal for our team?
  14. The score was 3 : 3; the game ended in a draw.
  15. Each player won five games: the chess tournament ended in a draw.
  16. Both opponents were very skilful, the competition was hard, and ended in a draw.
  17. A new stadium was built in our town last year.
  18. The stadium holds about ten thousand people.
  19. Now all the most important sports competitions will be held at the stadium.
  20. The stadium is always full.

Проверьте себя, хорошо ли вы знаете слова по теме «Sports» — Sports Vocabulary. Check Yourself

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