Shop! Shop! Shop! (texts on the topic «Shopping» in English for upper-intermediate)

В рамках активизации лексики по теме «Shopping» (Shopping. Английские слова по теме «Покупки». Список №1, 2) прочитайте тексты на английском языке и выполните задание на множественный выбор (multiple choice).

Прежде чем читать тексты на тему: «Shopping», ответьте на несколько вопросов:

  • Do you like shopping?
  • Do you do shopping for pleasure or because of necessity?
  • Why do most women do shopping, in your opinion?
  • What is men’s attutide to shopping?

Texts on the topic «Shopping» in English for upper-intermediate

 Text №1 «Shop! Shop! Shop!» (in English, upper-intermediate)

Words for the text:

  • household — домашний
  • attutude — отношение
  • unlike — в отличие
  • therapy — терапия, лечение
  • suicide — самоубийство
  • satisfy — удовлетворять
  • contemporary — современный
  • essence — суть
  • duty — долг

Who does most of the shopping in your family? The answer will be women. It isn’t most certainly for household needs but it  is an activity they do for pleasure.

The book «Theory of Shopping» written by Daniel Miller, a professor at University College, shows the differences between men’s and women’ attutude to shopping. Unlike men, for women, shopping is often a kind of therapy, a hobby.

But shopping has its darker sides as we learned this week with news of the suicides of two shopaholics. Trudi Susyn killed herself after she had been spending as much as £7,000 per week on clothes, shoes and beauty products. Masimi Dawson, a single mother, hanged herself after it was discovered that she had been stealing money at work to pay her shopping debts.

Do tragedies like these show that women are really crazy about material things? Miller believes that most women don’t shop to satisfy their own needs alone. He thinks that in our culture shopping is one of the main ways of expressing love. Women do most of the shopping for others.

In contemporary English families, love holds the whole thing together but it’s not talked about. Love is expressed by paying attention to what others want. If you buy your partner the thing he’s always wanted, or you buy your child healthy food, you show that you care about that person. This is the essence of contemporary love: understanding what the other person is about, doing things for them or buying things for them, not because it’s your duty but because you understand them.

Задание 1. Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 1-5, обведя букву А, В или C, соответствующую ответу, который вам кажется наиболее верным.

1. Women go shopping because
A they like it.
B men don’t want to do it.
C they are shopaholics.

2 Men
A don’t go shopping.
B think that shopping is enjoyable.
С don’t see shopping as a hobby.

3 Before they killed themselves Trudi and Masimi
A were single mothers.
В stole money.
С were shopaholics.

4 Most of the things women buy are
A clothes and beauty products.
В never used.
С not for them.

5 In English families
A people don’t talk about shopping.
В people don’t talk about love.
C women love their families more than men do.

Задание 2. Напишите конспект (summary) текста, подчеркивая положительные и отрицательные стороны шоппинга. Используйте слова-связки.

* * *

Текст №2 (с заданиями)

(текст на английском язык взят из пособия для подготовки к экзамену по английскому языку. Авторы Маслова М.Е., Маслов Ю.В. Кондратеня О.И.)

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