Пример эссе на тему «Граффити как вид искусства»

Напишите эссе по теме: Some people think that graffiti is another form of expressing art; others think that graffiti is a vandalism. What is your opinion?

There is no doubt that art has a lot of different forms. Since the 20th century many controversial forms of art have appeared. Nowadays there are people who consider graffiti to be a new form of art Are they right?

To my mind, graffiti is a vandalism because instead of canvas graffiti artists choose train cars, bridges or public walls. To begin with, this form of art makes city look really ugly and run-down. Moreover, most of the graffiti you see on walls is a collection of swear words, gang names or just silly drawings that is why it is often associated with crime and violence.

However, there are people who regard graffiti as a form of contemporary art. Nowadays graffiti art has a lot of admirers who view it as a form of personal and cultural expression.In  their opinion, it is the way for people to express their talent. What is more, they claim that graffiti is worth being appreciated by people as like any  work of art it takes a lot of efforts. I disagree with this point of view because I really do think that if people want to express their talent they shouldn’t paint on public things.

To conclude, I would like to say that our contemporary art is a mixture of different styles. As for  graffiti, one cannot but admit that it is one of them. Yet I strongly believe that city authorities should create special places for graffiti artists where other people will go to enjoy art which is worth seeing and enjoying.  (260 слов)

Я не думаю, что это эссе вам подойдет, его лучше переделать, чтобы оно действительно выражало вашу точку зрения))) Но полезные выражения вы вполне можете позаимствовать!

Вот еще 4 фразы- клише для эссе:
There is no doubt that …— Не приходится сомневаться, что
I really do think … — Я действительно думаю….
One cannot but admit … — Нельзя не признать….
I strongly believe…. – Я твердо убежден

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