My School (текст / топик для продолжающих)

Прочитайте текст (топик) по теме «School» для продолжающих (pre-intermediate). Предварительно рекомендуется повторить английские слова по теме:

  1. My School. Английские слова  для начинающих. Список №1
  2. Schooling. Учеба в школе. Английские слова  для начинающих. Список №2

Грамматические конструкции, используемые в тексте:

Text «My School» (для начинающих)

Every day I go to school. I leave home at 8 o’clock and it takes me 20 minutes to get to school. I usually go there on foot.

My school is big and clean. It has many classrooms, a big entrance-hall and a gym. There is a canteen there, too. I like to go to school because I like to study. I want to be a well-educated person, that’s why I work hard at school. My favourite subjects are English, Russian and Literature. I like our teachers, too, I think they are very experienced. I like my classmates because we have much in common.

I like to take part in all school activities. For example, last year we visited … and now we are going to visit …. I like to take part in all competitions and contests. I am proud to be the student of this school.


  1. Do you like your school? Why? Why not?
  2. What is your school like?
  3. What are the teachers like?
  4. What school activities do you have at your school?
  5. What school activites do you take part in?

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