My Daughter’s Day (text №3 for beginners)

Прочитайте английский текст №3 «My Daughter’s Usual Day» из рубрики My Usual Day. Daily Life, чтобы повторить английские слова по теме «My Day». В этом тексте вы найдете много слов и выражений, которые вам уже встречались в других текстах их этой рубрики. Постарайтесь их вспомнить!

Text №3. My Daughter’s Usual Day

Запомните новые и вспомните старые английские слова:

  1. sleep tight — крепко спать
  2. It takes time  — уже было (текст №1)
  3. wake up — разбудить
  4. be sleepy — быть сонной
  5. feel fresh — уже было (текст №1)
  6. be cross with — уже было (текст №1)
  7. join — уже было (текст №2)
  8. be ready — уже было (текст №1)
  9. kisses goodbye — уже было (текст №1)
  10. go on foot — уже было (текст №2)
  11. do well — уже было (текст №1)
  12. put on — надеть
  13. be tired — уже было (текст №1)
  14. be in a bad mood — уже было (текст №1)
  15. school progress — успехи в школе

Прочитайте текст на английском языке:

My daughter always gets up late. She sleeps tight and it usually takes time to wake her up. Even then she is sleepy and my wife takes her to the bathroom to have a cool shower. It helps her feel fresh after her night dreams. She doesn’t like to clean her teeth in the morning but my wife tells het that it is very important to have white and strong teeth. She is always cross when she doesn’t do it.

When she makes her bed and gets dressed, she joins us at the kitchen table. She is a little slow and my wife sometimes tells her to eat quickly. When she finishes, she kisses her mother, takes her school bag and is ready to go. She kisses us goodbye and leaves home for school at about 8 o’clock. Her school is not far from our house and she usually goes on foot.

She doesn’t like school and doesn’t do well at school either (тоже). Her favourite subject is Music. So, she puts on headphones and listens to music at the lessons too. Her teachers are cross with her.

When she comes home from school, she is always very tired and in a bad mood. She does her lessons very quickly. She can’t concentrate on the work and seems to think about something else. When she finishes her lessons, she plays the guitar or listens to music.

When I come home from work early, I always have a talk with her about her school progress. Sometimes it helps.

She goes to bed at 12 o’clock.

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Check Yourself

Проверьте себя, хорошо ли вы запомнили английские слова из текста №2 и текста №3:

  1. join
  2. go on foot
  3. do well
  4. give a hand
  5. be busy with
  6. be proud of
  7. seems
  8. sleep tight
  9. wake up
  10. be sleepy
  11. put on
  12. be sleepy
  13. school progress

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