How to Write a Film Review (example)

How to Write a Film Review (example)I. Структура:

  1. Введение (режиссер, название фильма, положительное или отрицательное мнение в общих чертах)
  2. Основная часть (краткое содержание, акцент на отдельных деталях)
  3. Заключение (суммирование вышеизложенного, рекомендации)

II. Useful Vocabulary for a Film Review:

  1. rank with — стоять в одном ряду с
  2. be starring — играть в главной роли
  3. be set — происходить
  4. what impressed me most — самое большое впечатление на меня произвело
  5. enhance the impression — усиливать впечатление
  6. there is another storyline — есть еще одна сюжетная линия

The Review on the Film «Avatar» by James Cameron

The main film of the year 2009 is «Avatar» by James Cameron, the producer of such films as «Terminator», «Titanic», «The Strangers». This film ranks with above-mentioned world-famous films and probably belongs to the science-fiction genre.

The action of the film is set on the planet Pandora in the year of 3000. The plot is rather simple: the super hero Avatar is to save the alien planet and fulfill this mission he struggles with a lot of difficulties.

The film starts with the scene when disabled Jack Sally, a former marine, is invited to take part in a secret expedition to the planet. Thus, he becomes the part of the programme called Avatar. He is sent to the planet with the help of special «drivers» that link his mind to the mind of Avatar.

What impressed me most is the spectacular world of aliens that we, the audience, see through the eyes of the main character. The special effects and 3D technologies enhance the impression of the bright and colourful world in contrast to the human one, which is grey and dying.

For those who are indifferent to the computer graphics, there is another storyline that is love of «the dream worker» to a beautiful female alien, who, being hostile and suspisious at first, falls in love with him in the end. Besides, the brillant acting of Sam Worthingdon, who stars in the film, is above all expectations.

To sum up, I can say that the film «Avatar» is that kind of film that takes us to a special world beyond imagination. More than that,  it is the film that you want to watch over and over again. Definitely, the new film by Cameron couldn’t be missed.

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