House. Home. Flat (texts on the topic in English for pre-intermediate)

Слова по теме «House & Home», которые нужно знать прежде чем читать тексты: street, yard, brick, windows, look onto, modern conveniences, gas, electricity, running water, central heating, apartment, entrance, back yard.

Повторить Английские слова по теме «House & Flat». Список №3 


  1. Text «The House in Maple Street 
  2. Text «The Terraced House» 
  3. Text «American Apartments» 
  4. Text «The English Home» 
  5. Презентация «Strange Houses» с заданиями

 Texts in English for (pre-intermediate) on the topic «House. Home. Flat»

House. Home. Flat (texts on the topic in English for different levels)

Text №1 «The House in Maple Street»

Texts about houses for the text for pre-intermediateWords for the text №1:

  1. maple — клен
  2. move into — переезжать
  3. pay rent — платить арендную плату
  4. share — делить (пользоваться сообща)
  5. front yard — дворик перед домом
  6. separate — отделять
  7. pipe — колонка
  8. light candles — зажигать свечи

  • have to — приходиться
  • had to — приходилось
  • would have to — пришлось бы

Изучить Модальный глагол MUST и его эквивалент HAVE TO

We didn’t always live in Maple Street. We moved into the house 2 years ago. Before that we lived in Peach Street and before that we lived in Green Street. And before that I can’t remember.

The house in Maple Street was ours and we were happy because we didn’t have to pay rent or share the yard with other people, or be careful not to make too much noise.

It was a small brick house with small windows that looked onto the green back yard. There was no front yard, only four little maples separated the house from the street.

The house didn’t have any modern conveniences except gas. There was no electricity, so we had to light candles when it was dark. There was no running water, so we had to take water from the pipe in the next street. There was no central heating so we had to put on warm clothes when it was cold.

But we liked the house because it was ours and we wouldn’t have to move anymore.

* * *

Text №2 «The Terraced House»

Terraced houses (a picture for the text for pre-intermediate)Words for the text №2:

  1. terraced houses — ряд домов, имеющих общую стену
  2. area — местность
  3. at the back — за домом
  4. shade — тень
  5. courtyard — двор
  6. communal — общего пользования
  7. had to — см. текст выше
  8. bucket — ведро

The area had lots of terraced houses. They were very simple. Our house had a veranda in front, two two rooms, and a veranda at the back. This was because of the tropical weather. They gave some sort of shade. The primitive kitchen was located in a courtyard. No electricity, no gas, and there was only a pipe for water which was a communal one. Everyone had to bring water in buckets into the house. The area was about an hour’s walking distance to the railway station. And schools were quite far away from there.

* * *

Text №3 «American Apartments»

An American apartment (a picture for the text for pre-intermediate)Words for the text №3:

  1. are usually described — обычно описывают
  2. studio apartment — квартира-студия
  3. three-bedroom apartment — четырех комнатная квартира
  4. connecting living room — общая гостиная
  5. built-in closet — встроенный шкаф
  6. are used instead of — используются вместо
  7. living room area — жилая зона

American apartments are usually described as one-bedroom (studio apartments), two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments.

Two- and three-bedroom apartments usually have  a connecting living room; often they have two bathrooms. Actually, all apartments have built-in closets with doors, which are used instead of wardrobes.

The walls are often painted rather than wall-papered. The entrance is directly into the living room area, there are no halls.

* * *

Text №4 «An English Home»

Помните ли вы слова: a detached house, a semi-detached house, two storey, ground floor, stairs, upstairs, downstairs, look out onto, lead to, the front (rooms, door), the back (yard, garden), an attic, a cellar, a path, a gate, a garage. 

Повторить английские слова по теме «The Country House» (Загородный дом)

Texts about houses for the text for pre-intermediateWords for the text №4:

  • the English — англичане
  • «Three Oaks» — «Три дуба»
  • may be — могут находиться
  • a bay window — окно-фонарь
  • on either side of — с каждой стороны
  • a French window — большое окно, которое открывается как дверь

In the country the English like to live in a detached or a semi-detached house of two storeys.

Each country house usually has its name, for example «Three Oaks» or something else.

Downstairs are the front rooms: the drawing-room and the sitting-room. There may be large bay windows on either side of the front door.* They look out on to the front garden with flowers in it. A path from the front door leads to the gate and to the garage.

The other rooms downstairs are the hall, the dining-room, the study and the kitchen. The dining-room usually has large French windows leading into the back garden. In the hall the stairs lead to the first floor.

The bedrooms and the bathroom are upstairs. There is an attic under the roof and cellars under the ground floor.

(из учебника «Курс английского языка» Н.Д. Токарева, И.М. Богданова)

There may be large bay windows on either side of the front door. — С каждой стороны двери могут находится большие окна-фонари. (видоизмененный вид конструкции there is c модальным глаголом may) 

* * *

Презентация «Strange Houses» с заданиями

1.Прослушайте песню группы The Beatles «Yellow Submarine»:

2. Посмотрите презентацию и опишите несколько необычных домов.

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