Hackers. Тест на английском языке (intermediate)

A Text about Hackers (for intermediate)

Вот упрощенная версия этого текста для начинаюших — A Text about Hackers (for beginners)

With the development of technology in the twenty-first century, it would be really difficult to imagine life without computers. They are a source of information, education and entertainment. But today’s world of computers can also be quite frightening and dangerous. This is because of people who use computers for illegal purposes. They are called hackers.

Hackers spend their time playing with computer data in all parts of cyberspace. Much of what they do is not dangerous, but sometimes their activities break the law, for example, when they break into websites, take control of computers or create viruses. They are especially interested in breaking through the security of military websites.

Hackers know how to trick people just using their programs. They use a ‘Trojan Horse’, a program that looks perfectly safe, but actually contains something destructive. The only way of not getting into trouble is not to open it.

Although they can be seriously punished if they are caught, most hackers still think that what they do is a game. They often meet at festivals to take part in discussions, share their experiences, meet other hackers and generally to have a good time.

These meetings are organised in well-known places like Las Vegas or Berlin. However, what the hackers do at such festivals is a secret and often many of their activities take place at night.

Recently, hacking has started to increase. Hackers are getting into computer systems and stealing or destroying information. It is certain that there will be a lot more of this high-tech crime in the twenty-first century.


  1. What is the role of the computers in our century?
  2. Who are called hackers?
  3. Are hackers criminals? Why?
  4. What should people do to avoid computer viruses?
  5. How do hackers socialise?
  6. Will hackering be eliminated in future?
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