Country House. Английские слова по теме «Загородный дом». Список №2

Список английских слов по теме «Country House» для тех, кто продолжает изучать английские слова по теме «House & Home».


  1. Country House. Английские слова по теме «Загородный дом». Список №2
  2. Песня The Ghost’s Song
  3. Текст на английском языке «The Town Mouse and the CountryMouse»

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Country House. Английские слова по теме: «Загородный дом». Список №2

  1. cottage — коттедж
  2. detached house — отдельно стоящий дом
  3. semi-detached house — дом на две семьи
  4. mansion — особняк
  5. castle — замок
  6. tower  — башня
  7. front door — входная дверь
  8. porch — крыльцо
  9. gate — ворота
  10. garden  — сад
  11. kitchen garden — огород
  12. lawn — лужайка
  13. fence — забор
  14. hedge — живая изгородь
  15. pond — пруд
  16. summer house — летний домик
  17. orchard — фруктовый сад
  18. driveway — подъездная дорога
  19. path — тропинка
  20. shed — сарай
  21. kennel — собачья будка
  22. well — колодец
  23. made of wood= wooden — сделанный из дерева (деревянный)
  24. made of brick = brick — сделанный из кирпича (кирпичный)
  25. stairs — лестница
  26. downstairs — внизу
  27. upstairs — наверху
  28. chimney — дымоход

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The Ghost’s Song (песня на английском языке)

Words for the Ghost’s Song

  • scary – страшный
  • stay away from – держись подальше
  • Here I am. — Я здесь.
  • Here is my garden. — Вот мой сад.
Какие английские слова по теме «Home» вы услышали в песне?

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Text «The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse»

(текст на английском языке из учебника для 5 класса Афанасьева, Михеева)

Words for the text:

  • comfortable — удобный
  • smart  — модный
  • stay  — остаться

Once upon a time, there was a little brown mouse. He lived in a small cottage in the country. He was very happy there. His cottage was very warm and comfortable with lots of flowers in front of it and a few apple trees behind. He even had a bathroom and a toilet in the cottage, and there was a fireplace downstairs. In his living room the brown country mouse ate good fresh food. One day his cousin from town came to visit him. He was a smart grey mouse, who lived in a large town house. The country mouse was very glad to see his cousin. «It is so nice to see you,» — he said. «Come in. Sit down! Let’s have supper!»

The grey town mouse went into the living room and the brown country mouse to the kitchen to cook supper. Soon he brought in some bread, bacon and corn for supper and they drunk fresh clean water. After supper they sat and talked. «My friend!» — said the town mouse. «How can you live here? Country is so quiet! Your life is not interesting. And I’m sorry, but I don’t like the food very much. Come and stay with me!»

So next morning the mice went to town by car. The town mouse’s house was beautiful, but he didn’t use the key to open the front door. They got into the house by going under the back door. They were very hungry, so the town mouse took his cousin to the dining room. There was a lot of food on the table. «Look at that! — said the town mouse. The mice jumped onto the armchair and then onto the table. They began to eat some fine French cheese, some very tasty cakes and biscuits. They drunk lemonade and milk. Suddely they heard something in the hall of the flat. The door opened and the man walked in. He came to the table to get some fruit. «Be quiet! — whispered the town mouse.

The man took an apple and went out of the room. The town mouse began to eat again, but the country mouse couldn’t eat anything because he felt so afraid. Suddenly he saw a big cat near the sofa in the corner of the room. The cat was large. It was sleeping, but then it heard something. It opened its eyes and saw the mice. The country mouse began to cry: «Help, help! A cat.» The cat looked up and jumped onto the table. It tried to catch the mice.

The mice ran into a hole in the floor. The cat couldn’t get in. «Oh, dear! — said the country mouse. «Your food is good, but your life is not. I feel afraid in this beautiful house. I feel afraid upstairs and downstairs, I feel afraid in the living room and in the bedroom, I feel afraid on the sofa and on the floor.» The country mouse didn’t like the town. The next morning he said to his cousin: «Goodbye! I’m going back to the country. Life is quieter there, but it is safe!»

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