Clothes. Английские слова по теме «Одежда». Список №2 (для продолжающих)

what-to-wearХорошо ли вы знаете, как называются предметы одежды на английском языке? Вот список английских слов по теме «Clothes» (для начинающих). Теперь будем учиться рассказывать, какую одежду вы любите носить и почему. Вы, конечно, помните, как будет по-английски: одеть, одеться и носить. Теперь давайте запомним еще несколько распространенных глаголов и прилагательных по этой теме:

  1. try on — примерять
  2. wear size 6 — носить  размер 6
  3. fit — быть впору
  4. suit/ become — идти (подходить)
  5. match/ go with — сочетаться
  6. come into (out of) fashion — войти в моду (выйти из… моды)


  • I would like to try on these shoes.
  • I wear size 8.
  • These shoes fit.
  • They suit my dress and match the colour of my handbag.
  • I think high heels never come out of fashion.
  1. fashionable — модный
  2. expensive — дорогой
  3. casual — повседневный
  4. comfirtable — удобный
  5. trendy — модный
  6. out-of-date — устаревший

* * *

Упражнения для запоминания лексики по теме «Clothes»

Упражнение 1. Read the opinions about clothes and fashion. What opinion do you share?

  • highlight — подчеркивать
  • features — черты
  • offer — предлагать
  1. Opinion 1. People often wear very fashionable and expensive clothes but sometimes  they can’t wear them well or wear the clothes which highlight their problems. To my mind, people should choose the clothes which are not necessarily fashionable, but which highlight their best features.
  1. Opinion 2. I don’t care what to wear as I don’t go out very often. As a rule, we spend evenings at home, sometimes we go camping at weekends. So, I don’t see any reason to wear clothes of a certain fashion brand. I prefer to wear casual clothes because they are comfortable.
  1. Opinion 3. I believe that people who say they don’t care for fashionable clothes, usually simply don’t understand how to wear them. Or they don’t have enough money to follow the latest trends. As for me, I’d prefer to have trendy clothes than out-of-date ones.
  1. Opinion 4. To my mind, there is no fashion today. It used to be at the beginning of the 20-th century, when fashion houses offered new styles every decade. Nowadays fashion doesn’t offer anything new. Everything can be fashionable. I believe fashion houses will go bankrupt soon.

* * *

Упражнение 2. Answer the question if clothes are important for you. 

Do you care what to wear? Why? Why not?

Remember the words. Use them in your answer.

Clothes can be … / It is important to look …

  1. stylish — стильный
  2. practical — практичный
  3. fashionable — модный
  4. trendy — очень модный
  5. chic — шикарный
  6. elegant — элегантный
  7. casual — повседневный

Clothes shouldn’t be

  1. untidy — грязный
  2. bright — яркий (кричащий)
  3. old- fashioned — вышедший из моды

* * *

Упражнение 3. Where do you prefer to buy clothes?

Remember the words. Use them in your answer.

I prefer to buy clothes

  1. in a chain store — в фирменном магазине
  2. on sale — распродаже
  3. in a boutique — в бутике
  4. abroad — за границей

Упражнение 4. Where else do people wear to look stylish?

Remember the words. Use them in your answer.

People also wear ….

  1. braclets — браслеты
  2. rings — кольца
  3. chains — цепи
  4. make up — макияж


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