Back to School (activities at the first English lesson)

Лексика и вопросы, которые можно использовать на первом уроке английского языка в новом учебном году:

Список английских слов для повторения:

  1. be like — представлять из себя
  2. be glad — радоваться
  3. be back — вернуться
  4. join a club — записаться в кружок
  5. study new subjects — изучать новые предметы
  6. learn new things — узнать новое
  7. do well — хорошо учиться
  8. find it interesting — показалось интересным

1. What were your holidays like?

  • Excellent / exciting / fantastic / wonderful / splendid / gorgeous / terrific / amazing (positive adjectives)
  • So-so / not long enough / not interesting enough / leave much to be desired
  • Boring / very short / ordinary/ nothing special (negative)

Phrases: My summer holidays left much to be desired. — Мои каникулы были не такими, как мне хотелось (оставили желать лучшего).

2. Are you glad to be back to school? Share your opinion about the timetable.

  • Be glad – радоваться
  • Be happy (satisfied) with the timetable — меня устраивает расписание уроков

Phrases: I am happy with my timetable. / The timetable is OK.

3. Would you like to join any club?
4. What subjects will you study in the…. form?

  • Join a drama club/ sports club/ dance club/ chess club

5. How did you do in the ….form? What were your marks?
6. What marks do you think you’ll get in the …..form?

  • Get “a five” in English/ in Literature/ in Maths/ in Biology/ in Chemistry/ in Geography/ etc.

7. Which of the textbooks for the ….. form do you find very interesting?

8. Are there any newcomers in your class? What are their names?

  • a newcomer — новенький

9. Who sits at the same desk with you this year? Are you friends?

  • often see each other after school

10. Did you read any books in summer? What can you say about them?
11. Were they interesting?

  • Only books from the list for reading in summer
  • Entertaining
  • Thrilling
  • Educational
  • Boring

12. How many new teachers will you have this year? Will you have a new form- master (form-mistress)?

  • Form-master – классный руководитель
  • Form-mistress – классная руководительница

13. Do you like your summer holidays more than other school holidays? Why?
14. Do you think there are schoolchildren who likes winter holidays more?

  • be longer than
  • be better than
  • more interesting
  • spend time on

15. Where did you travel during your summer holidays? What was the most interesting trip?

16. Did you go to a camp? Which do you think is more interesting: to spend holidays in the country or in a camp?

  • have fun with friends
  • make a lot of new friends
  • learn new things

17. Were you interested in English last year? What did you like to do at your English lessons?

18. Did you come to your school in summer? How often? Why?

  • Be far away
  • Be out of town
  • What for?

Activities on the topic «My Summer Holidays»

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