At the Station (dialogue, intermediate)

Words you must know: tickets, to book, seat, crowded, smoker, non-smoker, engine,  journey, carriage, compartment, get into the train, luggage, get the luggage through customs

New Vocabulary:

  1. facing the engine — лицом по направлению движения
  2. back to the engine — спиной по направлению движения
  3. see to —  позаботиться о чем-то
  4. whichever seat – любое место

Dialogue » At the Station»

F.: Well, here we are at last! When I get into the train, I feel that holidays have already begun. Have you got the tickets, Jan?

J.: Yes, here they are. I booked seats for you and me; trains are usually crowded at this time. We have numbers A 26 and A 30; two corner-seats in a non-smoker, one seat facing the engine, one back to the engine. Is that all right?

F.: That’s very good, Jan. I don’t like going a long jour­ney in a smoker. May I sit facing the engine?

J.: Of course! You can take whichever seat you like. As a matter of fact, I really prefer sitting with my back to the en­gine. Here’s our carriage and here’s our compartment. You can get into the train now.

F.: Lucy, won’t you come into the carriage with me? You will be warmer inside.

L: Thanks, I will.

J:  I’ll go and gee that our luggage has been put into the guard’s van, and I’ll book two seats in the restaurant car for lunch. I’ll get some newspapers at the bookstall and some chocolate on my way back. (He goes away.)

L.: Jan is a good fellow for getting things done, isn’t he?

F.: He is. I don’t know anyone better. I’m very glad he is coming with me. I know that I will have a very comfortable journey. Jan will see to everything — find the seats on the train, see that my luggage is all right, and get it through the customs. I won’t have to do anything at all except sit back and enjoy the journey.

(From «Essential English for Foreign Students» by С. Е. Eckersley, Book 2. Lnd., 1977)


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